Zirconium veneers are one of the options we frequently apply in aesthetic applications. It is located between metal supported porcelains and full ceramics in the aesthetic order. The prices of zirconium teeth are also between metal-supported porcelains and full ceramics. One of the biggest factors here is that zirconium is a very expensive material compared to the metal alloy used in metal-supported porcelain. In addition, the fact that it cannot be produced in every dental laboratory and requires special software and devices for its production causes its prices to be relatively high.

The price determined by each physician for zirconium dental veneers may be different. These prices are adjusted for single member, i.e. single tooth veneer. How many teeth will be covered or how many teeth will be added, the total price is calculated based on the dentist’s list price accordingly. Some physicians may increase the prices of the coatings to be made on the implant, if you call to learn the price, it may be beneficial for you to get a clearer price.

Like many dentists, my opinion on price is that it can be misleading to get a price over the phone, and it is not right for physicians to give prices without examining them. Sometimes mistakes can be made when calculating the number of teeth, or it can cause you to experience disappointment when you search for a price about a treatment that is not suitable for you. In addition, the first thing to consider when choosing a doctor should not be the price.

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