Zirconium Dental Veneers

Zirconium Dental Veneers

Zirconium is a substructure used in the production of dental veneers. It is white in color and is also a light-transmissive metal. It has a very high resistance against the pressures on it. It is biologically tissue friendly. It has not been observed in clinical studies to cause any allergies. Zirconium dental veneer is a type of crown that is attached to the tooth like other dental veneers or applied in the form of a bridge to complete the missing tooth. It is offered as an aesthetic alternative to metal porcelain tooth coatings. Since its appearance is more vivid and natural, zirconium tooth veneer has been used more and more, especially in anterior tooth veneers.

All of these features offer us some advantages in zirconium-based aesthetic tooth coatings.

What are the advantages of zirconium teeth?

  • Its color is white, so there is no reflection of the black metal found in porcelain teeth with traditional metal alloy infrastructure.
  • It has light permeability, this feature of zirconium is used to achieve the most ideal aesthetics during smiling, especially in front teeth. This is one of the most important criteria for aesthetic tooth coating.
  • It has a very high resistance against the chewing forces on it. Thanks to this feature, it can be used easily on the back teeth.
  • Thanks to its compatibility, it does not cause allergies. Some people are allergic to metal. When these people want to have a dental veneer, it is necessary to have a zirconium veneer. Otherwise, inflammation of the gums, gum recession, bleeding in the gums, gum swelling, redness, etc. may be faced with many dental and gingival diseases, such as
  • Compared to other coatings, zirconium coating conducts heat less because of its low thermal conductivity. Thus, they are not affected by hot and cold in the mouth and do not cause sensitivity in the teeth.
  • It can be applied to teeth of any color. A tooth with a very dark color can be applied in the desired color with zirconium coating. The actual color of the tooth does not affect the color of the zirconium coating. Even after many years, the color of the zirconium tooth coating does not change.
  • There is no extra care for zirconium teeth. Regular tooth brushing and good oral hygiene are sufficient.

Where is Zirconium Used?

  1. In single tooth crowns
  2. In bridges prepared in posterior tooth deficiencies
  3. Aesthetic over implant crown – bridge works

How to Apply Zirconium Teeth;

A wax model of your teeth is prepared on the model prepared with the measurement taken from your teeth. A computer-assisted device prepares the infrastructure of your teeth by abrading the zirconium oxide block in line with the information it receives from this model. The work is completed by placing ceramics of the appropriate color on the structures prepared by etching.

Now, metal-free strong and aesthetic restorations can be successfully made with zirconium oxide, a new high-tech product.

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