In bridges and crowns, zirconium, a white alloy, is used instead of metal as a substructure. Zirconium is the only material that can offer aesthetics and durability together. The biggest advantage of the system is that it provides an aesthetic appearance in the bridges in the back region with its very high durability.

Usage areas:

• Single tooth crown restorations
• Various bridges
• Implant crown-bridge studies
• Cercon ceramic placed on the zirconium oxide infrastructure reduces the adhesion rate of food wastes and microorganisms to the tooth surface. Oral hygiene is maintained.
• Zirconium oxide does not conduct heat, tooth sensitivity does not occur when hot and cold foods are taken.
• It is anti-bacterial. Bacteria cannot settle and reproduce in the zirconia structure. Therefore, the prosthetic foot is extremely advantageous because it protects the teeth and does not cause bad breath.

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