Zirconium (Zr) is aesthetic, with minimum fragility and robust, durable, resistant, used in jewelry, space industry, astronauts’ clothes, military, stronger than stainless steel, does not cause bad breath, does not absorb cigarette / coffee smell and color, can be made in the desired color and appearance, in implantology. Implant spacer is an aesthetic material that can be used as an abutment in dentistry, which we have used frequently over the last 10 years.

Its surface is flat, smooth, slippery, polished enough to not absorb cigarette/tea/coffee stains. The biggest difference from metal-porcelain bridges is that it looks like a natural tooth because it passes the daylight. Zirconium is tissue-friendly, does not cause allergies, is very difficult to separate from natural teeth, does not cause gum disease/bruises. A gray line does not form at the gingival/tooth junction (collet). No taste disorder or bad breath occurs.

Zirconium is 100% compatible with our body. Since zirconium prevents bacterial plaque from adhering to natural tooth surfaces, it does not cause bad breath, gingival bruises, and gingival bleeding do not occur. Thanks to its light-permeable properties, a full harmony with natural teeth has been achieved. Does not cause hot/cold sensitivity. Thanks to its high resistance of 900/1200 megapascals, it can be used safely on the teeth in the posterior regions. Thermal insulation is very strong.

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