Zircon Teeth

What is Zircon?
It is a type of porcelain that is both aesthetic and durable, used as an infrastructure material in ceramics without metal support. Ceramic restorations made with zirconium support are at least as durable as metal-supported ceramic restorations, which allows more aesthetic restorations to be made.

What are the advantages of zirconia supported prostheses?
It is possible to obtain more aesthetic results than metal-supported ceramics. In addition, the very good compatibility of porcelain with tissues allows the restorations to be used healthily for many years.
The use of porcelain instead of metal in the infrastructure allows light permeability, which ensures more aesthetic and natural prostheses.
The purplish discoloration caused by metal-supported ceramics, especially in the neck parts of the teeth, is prevented. The use of zirconium, especially in individuals with metal allergy, will solve this problem due to its anti-allergic feature.

What are the disadvantages of zirconium?
The only disadvantage is that they are more expensive than metal-supported ceramics.

In what situations can it be applied?
In teeth with excessive substance loss
In the construction of bridge restorations in tooth deficiencies
Aesthetic restorations in the anterior region
In patients with metal allergy
On implant restorations

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