Youth Vaccine with Stem Cells

Our adipose tissue, which is commonly found on our face around the eyes and cheeks, decreases as we age, in addition to the changes that occur in our skin. In order to rejuvenate, only the procedures for the skin are insufficient, and the decreased amount of fat below must be replaced. The rate of benefiting from adipose tissue in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery continues to increase. Innovations in liposuction (fat removal) methods are increasing parallel to this, and Laser and Ultrasound assisted technologies are used. With the discovery of the benefits in the reuse of the oils obtained, searches are continuing to use this unique resource in the areas where it is deemed necessary again with the least damage. Mesenchymal stem cells are obtained more easily and more easily from adipose tissue compared to bone marrow. These precursor cells are called stem cells because they have the capacity to transform into tissues such as bone, cartilage, and muscle. It is used in construction and repair mechanisms.

Searches continue to increase the viability of the given fat cells. In addition to the studies to see if there is a difference in the areas taken, the anesthetic substances given during the extraction techniques, the diameters and hole sizes of the cannulas used for collection, the differences in the filtering, serum washing and centrifugation of the taken oils, the injecting methods and tools during the application to the recipient area, the area of ​​the recipient area. There are hundreds of studies in the literature about the preparation and storage conditions of the oils taken. In the light of scientific studies, surgeons update their methods.

After the need to give with thinner cannulas, the collected fats were enzymatically broken down in order to be thinned and it was observed that the viability of the fat cells continued. It is now possible to transfer fat with finer needles, besides, a concentrated source of stem cells was obtained by centrifugation after enzymatic fragmentation. Enriching the fat cells from stem cells increased the effect time and repair power. In other words, while 30%-50% of the oil we give with traditional methods is retained, the retention rate increased when we gave the same oil enriched from stem cells.

We are able to collect and prepare oils without air contact with special devices. The prepared mixtures are effective in restoring the volume of areas with reduced fullness over time, in shaping the breast and butt, in hand rejuvenation, in the treatment of acne scars, in the treatment of chronic wounds, burns, post-traumatic cavities and scars, and in the treatment of radiotherapy areas.

For more problematic areas where this method is insufficient; In the treatment of dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles around the lips and décolleté, emulsified form of oils is used to be applied to the upper parts and folds of the skin with very fine needles, and this is called “Nano oil”. It basically consists of stem cells and does not contain any fat cells. Instead of filling effect, its rejuvenating and refreshing effect is used.

Fats can be collected with local anesthesia in suitable individuals. Results can be observed better between 1-3 months after the procedure. Bandage dressing is done for 3 days. No allergic reaction occurs. It is not painful. Compared to hyaluronic acid fillers, which are called youth vaccines, they are truly rejuvenating treatments prepared from their own cells.

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