We have been getting successful results in cellulite treatment with acoustic wave therapy, AWT for many years. With the latest developed ceramic face cap, it recovers sagging on the forehead, temples, chin, face oval and neck, allowing you to have a tight, taut, bright, circulation-improved, thin face in an average of 8-10 sessions.

Shock sound waves can reach deeper than ultrasound (sound) waves in a “mechanical” way and go down to a depth of 6-10 cm subcutaneously without causing tissue burns. It is a method that regulates metabolism in the skin, subcutaneous connective tissue, adipose tissue, muscles, vascular and lymphatic circulation, stimulates all tissues in a positive way and does not harm the body, thanks to its stimulation of circulation in tissues and cell metabolism.

Non-surgical facelift methods are radiofrequency, focused ultrasound and acoustic wave therapy.
Radiofrequency creates a burn under the skin through radio waves and stimulates the production of new collagen. The only disadvantage of this application is that there is a risk of burning the upper skin while reaching the heat required to stimulate collagen in the tissue and revitalize the circulation. For this reason, in recent years, Needle Radiofrequency-Fractional Radiofrequency method has been developed, which delivers radio waves with increased intensity to the middle skin after entering the skin with the needles at the tip. This system is very successful in the treatment of scars and wrinkles with collagen stimulation, but sufficient lifting-tightening cannot be achieved.
“Focused ultrasound” was developed to achieve lifting-tightening of the face oval and neck, and it was aimed to achieve effective results in 2-3 months in a single session. However, this method only targets the fibrous tissue called SMAS under the skin and tightening is achieved by making “burn” in this tissue. Results start after 4 weeks and reach the highest level at 3 months. It is recommended to repeat the application once a year to obtain permanent results. Focused ultrasound does not provide an antiaging effect by stimulating cell metabolism, does not work the muscles, and is not effective on blood and lymphatic circulation.
The real antiaging effect can be achieved by stimulating the cell metabolism and revitalizing the blood circulation.
Unlike these 2 methods, acoustic wave therapy (AWT) performs “full tissue activation”, that is, it stimulates all skin layers, subcutaneous adipose tissue, SMAS and muscle tissue. It stimulates healing, rejuvenation in all tissues, and revitalizes blood and lymphatic circulation. While neither radiofrequency nor focused ultrasound produces passive exercise-like biomechanical stimulation on the muscles, AWT exerts its main effect by strengthening the muscles. Thus, in the first session, the patient can observe the effect of widening facial mimic wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes, lifting the eyebrows, flattening the lines around the mouth, and erasing the deep wrinkles, as if botulinum toxin was applied. It reduces fat deposits in the cheek, neck and chin area, and provides a thin and tight face oval. By revitalizing the lymphatic circulation, it also helps to dissolve the edema in custody and on the face.
Sessions are approximately 20 minutes. in progress. Thanks to the stimulation of the muscles instantly, the patient sees the effect of Botulinum toxin application and gets a face that is tense and free of mimics, recovered and edematous. For permanent results, an average of 8 sessions, 1 application per week is required. With 8 sessions of application once a year, the antiaging effect is maintained on the entire face.

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