Your Personality is Your Destiny

Who am I? Who do I want to be? Why am I acting like this? Such questions circulate in the minds of almost every individual in certain age ranges. In other words; Our attitudes and perceptions, which we do not always approach by thinking and noticing, create a personality pattern in us. Thus, we can say that personality is the whole of its own unique, distinctive, continuous, consistent and structured relationships with its internal and external environment. Zeynep’s being angry and fulfilling Ahmet’s promise are personality traits. Personality is formed gradually in life and does not change suddenly. The various features we carry create a behavioral integrity in us over time. This whole thing; It creates personality in us by including temperament and temperament sub-units. Personality with all its sub-units is like a limb that we carry throughout our life. And just like our inflamed lungs, our insufficient muscles, our damaged mind and weakened reflexes, our personality needs to be supported, repaired and restructured from time to time. This need may occur with the events, people and situations we encounter in life, as well as with the effect of a movie frame, a book read, an observed life event in the process. Such life events can cause the person to behave differently than he thinks he is. Studies are evaluating the effects of many dynamics on personality. We can mention these as genetic factors, environmental factors and cultural factors. Although we had the chance to examine the effect of genetic factors with twin studies, the effectiveness of environmental factors in the same twin studies reveals a remarkable increase.

When it comes to human beings, no formation can be considered stable and it is undeniable that we are in a life-long development process. We, as mental health professionals, realize that on the path these studies illuminate; Personality is the most valuable part of us, which tends to remain consistent with the influence of all dynamics, but can be subject to development or differentiation at any moment with the influence of life events.

Because; As Russell Gough said, your personality is your destiny. Life is shaped by our reactions to what is brought before us, by the ways we choose. an individual; who am I? Who do I want to be? When he starts to question that, no matter what stage of his life he is, he is turning a corner or the waters will now flow in a completely different direction with his usual power. A little movement in the organization we call personality, maybe when development is made possible, it means that change will begin. If the person can catch these turning points, the corridors leading to this awareness well, and continue on the path by making the inferences that he believes to be correct from these stages; Whoever he wants to be, he will be that person now. Couldn’t life be trying to make him realize the parts of himself that need to be filed, developed, strengthened and polished?

Since the stone does not stand on the stone for no reason, and the leaves do not sit on the tree unnecessarily in life, the dynamics that numb our minds and affect our personality direct our destiny, which means ignoring the capacity of the individual. It should not be forgotten that; whoever one wants to be is really just that. And what a person is made up of, life always presents him with similar options. Therefore, our personality continues to strongly guide our quality of life. We have to take responsibility for our personality in order to decide our life, with whom and what kind of life we ​​will lead. For a student, his teacher’s misunderstanding, a spouse’s indifference, his employer’s angering his principal should not make individuals angry, depressed, rude, insensitive or disrespectful. Discourses such as they make me angry do not cause those people to change, but also bring personality traits such as being angry, being paranoid, being depressed. And this affects our whole life.

When we do not have the courage to take the trouble that development will bring, we carry the pain of staying as we are for life. We should not expect to take a different path by reacting and making the same choices every time. Our personality is consistent in giving similar reactions to the events that come before us, as required by the learning laws of our brain. If we want the destiny to change, we must put different options into action and evaluate what we will add to our personality with the sensitivity of a chemist.

When you want support to increase the positive contribution of your weaknesses or strengths to your quality of life, we, as mental health specialists, will be waiting for you ready to shed light on these valuable processes. I wish you bright days when emotions such as anger, jealousy, panic, fear, genetic, environmental and cultural dynamics do not direct your personality and therefore your destiny, and you never stop looking for who you are.

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