Young Maiden Period (Puberty) and Things to Know

Puberty is the period when changes in the body begin and an adult appearance is formed. These changes
It is normal for it to start at the earliest age of 8 or at the latest until the age of 13.

In puberty, your brain sends some signals to make changes in certain parts of your body.
It starts when he says. We call these signals hormones. Hormones control the body’s functions
chemical substances.

Hormones cause the following changes during puberty; you get taller and gain weight, your hips
may enlarge, your breasts enlarge, your armpit and vulva hair grows, your body odor changes,
Pimples or comedones form on your face and your first menstruation begins.

After the breast development begins, the dark areas around the nipple are swollen. breast tissue
enlarges and rounds. It is normal for one breast to be larger than the other. Sometimes breast pain
or sensitivity. All of these findings are normal.

Menstrual bleeding is the body’s preparation period for a possible pregnancy, which happens every month. Hormones into the ovaries
The moon tells it to produce an egg. This egg travels in a tube called the fallopian tube. while the uterus
The skin-like tissue inside thickens and grows. If pregnancy has not occurred (i.e. the sperm does not fertilize the egg)
If it did not fertilize) the skin-like and thickened tissue inside the uterus is shed and bleeding occurs.

Menstrual bleeding usually occurs between the ages of 12-14. Bleeding lasts 2-7 days. Bleeding every 21-45 days
it is normal to have. It is normal to have irregular bleeding in the first years of menstrual bleeding. Piece
Bleeding may occur every 2 months or may bleed twice a month. Usually the first menstrual bleeding is 6 years
then it becomes regular.

You should not forget the following;

If you have had sexual intercourse and your period is delayed, there is a possibility that you are pregnant. Because
You should definitely do a pregnancy test.

Girls around the age of 12 have a menstrual period at any time, even if they have not started menstruation yet.
They should have menstrual pads in their bags while going to school.

You should change the pad or tampon you use every 4-8 hours. In the first few days of menstruation
you may bleed more, you need to change pads more often.

During the menstrual period, some girls may have pain in the groin or lower back. Headache, headache in some girls
dizziness or diarrhea may occur.

ibufen or naproxen sodium (if you are not allergic or have severe asthma) to reduce menstrual cramps
if not) you can use

Exercise can be done to relieve pain or a hot water bag can be placed on the waist or groin area.

If puberty girls notice any of the symptoms listed below, they should definitely talk to their parents.
should consult or consult a doctor:

You are 15 years old and you have not started your period yet
If your menstrual period is regular at first, but then it starts to become irregular
If your menstrual bleeding occurs before 21 days or after 45 days
If your menstrual bleeding is 90 days late (even once a year)
If your bleeding lasts more than 7 days
If you bleed too much, for example, if you have to change pads every 1 or 2 hours per hour.
If your menstrual pain is so severe that it restricts your daily work and does not go away with painkillers
An obstetrician is a doctor who specializes in women’s health. First at age 13 or 15
I suggest that you do the interview. In the first examination, he can only chat and answer the questions you will ask.
and information about the changes that will occur in your body and your health. Also the next
can provide information about obstetrics and gynecology.

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