You can have a different look with dimple aesthetics.

Women who got their dimples with a small operation in 20 minutes are very satisfied with this situation. These dimples, which have recently formed on the cheeks when laughing or on both sides of the spine at the back of the waist, are very important for women. This operation is performed with the thought that the dimples on the hips make the body look sexier and the image that emerges as you smile on the cheek makes the face more cute and impressive.

There has been an increase in the number of people who want to have dimples in recent months. 80 percent of those who want dimple are women and 20 percent are men. Of course, this rate is mostly related to the dimple preference on the face. The dimple aesthetics of men are usually determined as the face. Women, on the other hand, prefer the face and hip area for attractiveness or a sweet expression. While facial dimples are preferred by people between the ages of 20-50, waist dimples are applied to people between the ages of 18-30. Women’s unrestrained desire for beauty also leads to many new developments in plastic surgery. We can do this procedure, which takes a very short time, with a small operation of 15-20 minutes by applying local anesthesia.

You determine the shape of your dimple

In the process to be applied on the face, the desired dimple area is determined and the operation is started. On the hip, the desired place is marked on both sides of the midline, and a two-millimeter incision is made in that area and the fat is removed. After removing the fat under the skin, that area appears as a pit. We can make a circular hole for those who wish, and a square hole for those who wish.

For a cute smile

This facial procedure has been very popular lately. Dimples can be created in the cheek area with two different approaches. Which technique to choose is decided after evaluating the person’s wishes-expectations and facial structure. But for now, there are two types of dimples made on the face: One is the dimples on the cheek that are constantly prominent, and the second is the dimples that only appear when you smile. One of the techniques is to reduce the subcutaneous tissue, and the other technique is to detect the facial mimic muscles of the subcutaneous tissue. The fat under the cheek skin is removed to create a continuous dimple. Thus, that area is always pitted. A slightly different method is used for dimples that are intended to appear only when laughing: There are facial muscles with a hollow between them. The active one of these muscles during laughing is determined and sutured. When the person who has the plastic surgery smiles, the muscle is pulled in. Thus, cute dimples are formed on the cheeks.

Aesthetic Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Erol KISLAOGLU

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