Wrist thinning

Wrists have been seen as an indispensable feature of feminine beauty in many cultures since ancient times. However, no matter how much weight was lost with diet and exercise, thinning of the wrists could not be achieved. Ankle thinning procedures started to be performed only for aesthetic concerns. Because of their thick calves and ankles, many women could not wear boots or high-top shoes of their choice.

With the laser lipolysis method, the membrane of the fat cell is blasted directly through the laser light and the excess fat tissue is removed. This technology is revolutionary in liposculpture (body shaping) applications. The operation is performed under local anesthesia. It is melted by laser by entering through two small holes opened from the targeted area.

The operation is mostly preferred by women between the ages of 20-40. Thanks to the technological possibilities reached today, difficult open surgery methods are not used unless absolutely necessary. It is certainly not a difficult process; It is widely used in the world and has many advantages compared to open surgery. Wrist thinning operations only take an hour.

Ankle aesthetics, which used to be performed only by Hollywood celebrities, is now among the most preferred operations by Turkish women after nose and breast aesthetics. When women are asked, an elegant wrist means a thin one. However, the medical world defines a healthy wrist as a thin wrist without sharp bone protrusions. The ideal wrist size is 21 cm.

Patients can usually go home 2-4 hours after the procedure and return to their daily lives on the same day. We recommend not standing still and walking a lot for 15 days after the operation. After the application, it is possible to return to work or social life directly, and because the result will appear gradually, if the patients do not say that they have had the application, no one will understand it.

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