It is clinically proven that the duration of action increases as the wrinkle treatment injections are made at regular intervals.

Botulinum A toxin injections are the most common cosmetic procedure in the USA. First on humans
Its use has been in the field of strabismus treatment and blepharospasm in 1980 by Dr. Alan Scott.
The first studies on its use for wrinkle treatment were published by Carruthers et all in 1992.
The first area they applied was between the eyebrows.

wrinkle treatment splendor hardworking


The toxin is composed of 1295 amino acids, with two disulfide bonds of 97 kDa (heavy chain) and 52 kDa (light chain).
made up of a chain.

The heavy chain binds to the membrane of nerve cells, allowing the light chain to pass into the cell fluid and
The light chain also binds the protein called SNAP-25 to transport acetylcholine vesicles into the cell.
obstacles. As a result, neurotransmitter release into the synaptic gap does not occur and presynapticneural blockade.
it occurs.

Wrinkle treatment; It does not affect the skin injected directly.
it prevents its contraction and starts to show its effect.

Clinically, it starts to take effect on the 2nd day after the wrinkle treatment and on the 2nd-4th day. Maximum effect in weeks
reaches its effect. The beneficial effects of wrinkle treatment last for an average of 3-6 months, and this period is
it varies from person to person. It takes much longer for all the effects of wrinkle treatment to disappear completely, but this
The effects are not visible effects but have been demonstrated in clinical trials.

It has been clinically shown that the duration of effect increases as wrinkle treatment is performed at regular intervals.

Wrinkle treatment does not completely paralyze the muscles, but it causes loss of strength and this loss of strength
It is also sufficient for the desired cosmetic result.

In summary, the situations where wrinkle treatment can be used;

1-facial wrinkle treatment (face and upper lip)

2-hand and armpit sweating treatment (the duration of action varies between 12-14 months when done properly)

3-migraine treatment (if done properly, the duration of effect varies between 10-14 months)

4-neck area wrinkle and tape treatment

5-anal fissure (there are studies on it having results close to surgical treatment)


An experienced wrinkle treatment injector and technician (non-business people, nurse, esthetician,
etc.) ends in the concept of functional anatomy of the face. Facial structure and anatomy of each patient
The dose applied to each patient varies according to this anatomy and many other dynamics.

For this reason, while having wrinkle treatment, the practitioner’s plastic surgeon or dermatology specialist
make sure it is.

The effects of wrinkle treatment are completely temporary, because the nerve cell block in the mechanism of action over time.
returns to normal. The effects of wrinkle treatment vary from person to person and last for an average of 3-6 months.

When wrinkle treatment is carried out at regular intervals and in the doses it deserves, it shows a summation effect.
It provides a much better image and recovery at the same time. Very low fees (most of the time) due to commercial concerns.
Benefit from wrinkle treatment (lower figures than the bottle cost of wrinkle treatment)
It is not right to wait and it is a waste of money and time for patients.

When it is considered, how much dose for very low fees by getting the wrinkle treatment right 2 times a year?
only time and financial loss between feeling the need to have it done 4-5 times a year without knowing that it is done
not only the elimination of the curative feature of the wrinkle treatment on facial wrinkles, we
It is very worrying for plastic surgeons.


In the forehead area, there are two muscles called frontalis that help raise the eyebrows. And these muscles
wrinkle treatment injections to reduce forehead wrinkles and raise eyebrows
can be done. With wrinkle treatment, eyebrow lifting can be done safely up to 6 mm. simply tell
If necessary, injections are made into the muscles that lower the eyebrows to raise the eyebrows. in the middle of the forehead
Applying too many wrinkle treatments will result in a MrSpock-looking brow structure and at the same time
It causes an increase in wrinkles on the eyebrows.

Responsible for brow lift to maximize brow lift with wrinkle treatment
eyebrow lifting by injecting into non-brown forehead muscle parts (i.e. outer areas of the eyebrows)
By pulling the sections up more, the eyebrows are lifted. However, at the same time, the forehead area
If we want the wrinkles to be corrected, then the eyebrows do not rise as desired because the forehead
Injections are made into the areas above the eyebrows to remove wrinkles. outer part of eyebrows
In order to remove it, a careful examination is necessary and for this, your doctor will ask you for repeated visits.
asks you to smile and in the meantime decides whether the ends of the eyebrows can be lifted. eyebrows

There are no fixed points for lifting, these points differ according to the anatomy of each patient. This
For this reason, an effective examination is essential before application.

It is an effective wrinkle treatment as the forehead area is the most prominent area in the treatment of facial wrinkles.
it will make you look younger.


After determining the muscles that cause wrinkles between the eyebrows by the expert, according to the type of wrinkles.
application is made. While some patients have vertical wrinkles when their eyebrows are frowning, some patients have horizontal wrinkles.
Wrinkles are formed and according to this wrinkle type, wrinkle treatment injection points differ. This
For this reason, although wrinkle treatment seems like an easy application, knowing the basis and anatomy gives the patient
essential for maximum results. Wrinkle treatment mainly in the treatment of facial wrinkles
Its use is especially important for the area between the eyebrows.


Crow’s feet are formed as a result of contractions of the orbicularis oculi muscle on the outside of the eye, and this
The muscle is a round muscle across the eyeball. Applying wrinkle treatment to certain parts of this muscle is different.
cause effects.

For wrinkles around the eyes, 3-4 points are applied to the outer part, while for wrinkles under the eyes,
Wrinkle treatment is not applied to the patient. Applying uncontrolled wrinkle treatment to the lower eyelid area
It can cause double vision and blurred vision and lower eyelid retraction. For this reason, each patient
After the examination, it is decided whether to apply wrinkle treatment to the lower eyelid.

After the crow’s feet wrinkle treatment application, the ends of the eyebrows rise and many patients
that’s what he wants. However, as explained previously in the eyebrow lifting section, in some patients, this muscle
It is not the muscle that lifts the tip of the eyebrow, so the tip of the eyebrow may not be lifted in some patients.

Likewise, when wrinkle treatment is applied to crow’s feet, wrinkles in the lower eyelid area are reduced.
It is felt to increase, this perception is not an illusion but a reality. The reason is that the eye muscles on the side are weakened.
However, the lower eyelid muscles are not weakened, and to prevent this image, some
Depending on the experience, it is applied to the lower eyelid, double vision is blurred when overdone.
complaints such as vision, etc. may occur. For this reason, before the application, patients related to this issue must be
should be informed.


Botulinum A is a perishable but highly potent toxin. Dried frozen crystal complex
is stored in. During the production process, the toxin is immediately exposed to temperatures of –5 °C or lower.
is frozen.

The toxin is diluted just before injection. From current experience, the dilution of 2.5 U/ml is the most
is suitable. It is possible to store the reconstituted but unused toxin by freezing.

recommended by practitioners. However, the preservatives contained in the toxin, used in cleaning,
Even factors such as alcohol, rapid and turbulent dilution can denature the molecule.
The toxin should be used as soon as possible after preparation. 4 hours after reconstitution
Although it is recommended to use it, many users freeze it and use it even in 30 days(18). However, especially
The effect decreases 48 hours after reconstitution. Still, the best way to hide the toxin is by freezing it.
is to hide. Although the first practitioners and researchers stated that 10-20 U would suffice for each area.
Even 2.5 U can be effective depending on the application area. Doing the process in low dose and small volume is a side effect.
mitigates the effects. Even doses lower than 2.5 U / 0.1 ml can be effective. However, weakening the muscle
effect is shorter. Higher doses may be required for patients with large and hypertrophic muscles. drug 1
It should be prepared in a ml syringe and with 18 G needles, and it should be applied with a 30 G needle.

Two commercial types of wrinkle treatment within the borders of the Republic of Turkey, licensed by the Ministry of Health.
available. One is ALLERGAN BOTOKS and the other is DYSPORT. Both can easily be used for cosmetic purposes.
can be used, but their preparation is different and the unit and amount of effect they contain are different. For this reason, in this
It would be beneficial to have experienced people make these applications.

The commercial bottle of the wrinkle treatment brand is a 100-unit bottle. And a bottle of facial wrinkles (forehead, eyebrows)
When it is used for (between and crow’s feet) an average of 46-50 units is sufficient for a patient. So a bottle
There are enough doses for only 2 people from the wrinkle treatment brand.

But unfortunately; who dilute more than necessary and apply wrinkle treatment to more than 2 people
and there are many places that offer wrinkle treatments much cheaper than they normally should be. This
In this case, the effect of wrinkle treatment lasts much less than 3 months or has no effect at all.

Although very rarely, the body may produce antibodies against wrinkle treatment in some patients and therefore normal
Even if the dose is applied, wrinkle treatment does not produce the desired effect. When I meet such patients
It can be used other than wrinkle treatment after looking at and evaluating the next photos together.
I prefer wrinkle treatment methods.

The first and maximum effect period of the patients I applied wrinkle treatment occurs in 2-3. in weeks
When will she go to wrinkle treatment again after comparing her photos with my patient?
I show in front of the mirror that it should come and apply the application when the effect starts to decrease.
When we repeat it, the effect and duration of the wrinkle treatment lasts much longer.


Passive wrinkles are another phenomenon that should be known and misunderstood in the treatment of wrinkles.
with the wrinkle treatment of the wrinkles that exist on our face without making the gesture we call
the belief that it is completely gone. Much of this myth is false because wrinkle treatment
weakens the contraction over the nerve cells, and therefore, when you create an active mimic, the observed
removes facial wrinkles. However, the contraction of these muscles for years and the excessive use of facial expressions affect the skin.
they leave traces in the direction of the movement of these muscles, and these are simply passive wrinkles.

So how are these passive wrinkles removed? Wrinkle treatment application at regular intervals, ie 4-6 months
When continued for periods of time, the contraction of the muscles weakens and the projections on the skin begin to heal.
starts and, although it varies from person to person, they disappear to a great extent with reapplications.

Another myth about wrinkle treatment is that after the effect of wrinkle treatment wears off,
Do you get worse wrinkles? This is completely unrealistic and the effect of wrinkle treatment

After it passes, you just go back to your old self, but considering that we age as time passes, the skin
Of course, the amount of wrinkles may increase after this 6-month period in people with a dry structure and aging rapidly.
but this is the effect of time, not wrinkle treatment.

Our most common myth is ‘When wrinkle treatment is done, a very dull and confused expression does not look natural.’
Yes, actually this is not a myth. However, since wrinkle treatment is a very easy process to apply, plastic
Since many people other than surgeons and dermatologists apply the necessary experience and knowledge
Since there is no wrinkle treatment, they have done the wrinkle treatment more than necessary and in the wrong places.
shocked expressions. Unfortunately this is a matter of supply and demand, and we thank these brave-hearted friends.
there is a demand that they can easily use these applications since there is no efficient control in our country.
they can.

When the wrinkle treatment is done correctly, when it is done in the right places, if the patient does not want it, he will be surprised.
and does not cause dull expression. Even if my patient wants to use the application called confused and dull expression
I definitely don’t. First, I ask my patient what he wants and learn what he expects.
If it is different, we can easily tell him in a suitable language that we do not agree and what he should do in fact.
I’m telling. The most expectations of my patients are ‘doctor, please no one, that I had wrinkle treatment.
He concentrates on ‘you don’t understand’. Although such an expectation is a bit of an expectation, between the eyebrows and forehead
I can easily provide this in the region.


Wrinkle treatment can be applied to almost any part of the face area. The places I use most often
upper lip, forehead, crow’s feet and the middle of the eyebrows. I persistently avoid applying it and my patients are very insistent.
Although I do not do it, the areas that I do not do are the wrinkles in the lower eyelid area and the upper eyelid.
Wrinkles on or near

There are many techniques when applying wrinkle treatment to the forehead area, and each doctor does it differently.
can apply. This is what I tell my patients on the forehead area and what I like to have too.
You will be able to lift it, but your wrinkles will not form. This is one of the biggest signs of a natural botox.
and many people do not realize that you have had wrinkle treatment.

In the treatment of crow’s feet wrinkle treatment, it is necessary to be very careful and in 1-2% of the patients, the upper eye
The lid may fall off. The reason for this is crow’s feet with the muscle that lifts the upper eyelid.
The fact that the muscle forming the
that is. This effect can occur as Botox spreads from the point where it is made to the neighboring points. upper eyelid
miscarriage is completely temporary and 4-6. It returns to normal within weeks and is used to reduce discomfort.
There are also some eye drops used. .

The other area where wrinkle treatment is applied is the area between the eyebrows and it is the biggest problem for many of us.
is in this region. One of the reasons why the wrinkles between the eyebrows are stubborn is the cause of the wrinkles between the eyebrows.
having more than one muscle. The wrinkles between the eyebrows are corrected with the application of wrinkle treatment. However
If there are wrinkles and depth in normal posture, additional methods should be used for this (filling,
oil injection, etc.) . If the patient does not want additional methods, passive wrinkles between the eyebrows should be done every 3-4 months.
With regular wrinkle treatment application, they gradually decrease and again the number of repetitions from person to person.
6-8, although it varies. again, they are in a much better position than in the first state.

Since the wrinkles between the eyebrows are formed as a result of the contraction of many muscles, it is actually the most care and attention.
I think it’s the place to show. An experienced specialist patient frowns
analyzes which muscles contract and cause wrinkles and the application for those areas

and naturally results in much better results.

Another area of ​​application for wrinkle treatment is upper lip wrinkles. upper lip wrinkles
Trying to eliminate it completely and doing it only with wrinkle treatment is a big mistake in my opinion.
and it means a torture that will last for about 2 months in the patient. Because overdose around the lips
When wrinkle treatment is performed, the contraction of the lip decreases and especially when drinking liquids, the upper lip
Due to the lack of contraction, a very uncomfortable situation arises. The other annoying thing is
It is an asymmetry that occurs in the lip, and when this occurs, unfortunately, until the effect of wrinkle treatment disappears.
The asymmetry continues. For this reason, when trying to treat upper lip wrinkles, only wrinkles
I do not apply the treatment at the same time by using the filling method and reducing the wrinkle treatment.
I use 50-80% improvement in doses.

Sweating Treatment With Wrinkle Treatment

Wrinkle treatment is an effective method in the treatment of sweating. In the treatment of underarm sweating and hand-foot
It has very effective results in sole sweating. While wrinkle treatment is used for sweating treatment
Sweating test is done before the sweating areas are detected, then wrinkle treatment is applied.

When sweating is treated with wrinkle treatment, it has an average of 8-12 months of effectiveness and each repetition
your sweating is reduced. When you have the wrinkle treatment done on your armpit, it is as if you are on your face for the first week.
You may feel excessive sweating and a rise in temperature, but then this completely returns to normal.


We also use wrinkle treatment in the treatment of migraine attacks. About 1 bottle of wrinkles for migraine
treatment brand wrinkle treatment, that is, 100 units are used and we apply different types of treatment on the scalp and neck.
We reduce the frequency of migraine attacks with spots, the duration of the effect varies from person to person, but it is 10-14 months.
It continues and the frequency of attacks increases as time goes on, which indicates the effect of wrinkle treatment.
It’s a sign that you’ve passed.

Other areas where we use wrinkle treatment are briefly;

1-neck bands

2-tooth grinding and excessive clenching of the teeth

3-anal fissure

4-gummy smile (too much gums when smiling)

Side effects of wrinkle treatment;

– droopy upper eyelid

If too much is applied to the lips, asymmetry and drooling, difficulty in liquid food intake

– Headache that goes away after 2-3 days in people with sinusitis

– redness and bruising in sensitive people


We also use wrinkle treatment in the treatment of migraine attacks. About 1 bottle of wrinkles for migraine
treatment brand wrinkle treatment, that is, 100 units are used and we apply different types of treatment on the scalp and neck.
We reduce the frequency of migraine attacks with spots, the duration of the effect varies from person to person, but it is 10-14 months.
continues and the frequency of attacks increases as time passes.
It’s a sign that you’ve passed.

Other areas where we use wrinkle treatment are briefly;

1-neck bands

2-tooth grinding and excessive clenching of the teeth

3-anal fissure

4-gummy smile (too much gums when smiling)

Side effects of wrinkle treatment;

– droopy upper eyelid

If too much is applied to the lips, asymmetry and drooling, difficulty in liquid food intake

– Headache that goes away after 2-3 days in people with sinusitis

– redness and bruising in sensitive people


We do not recommend the use of wrinkle treatment in pregnancy and lactation.

We do not apply to those under the age of 12 and those with neurological diseases (such as myaasthenia, Lamberteaton).
neuromuscular diseases)

It is contraindicated to administer to patients using aminoglycoside-derived antibiotics and cyclosporine.

D-penicillamine-containing drugs cause the body to produce antibodies against wrinkle treatment and cause wrinkles.
They cause the effects of the treatment to disappear very quickly or even to have no effect at all.

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