Working mothers and their children

With the increasing weight of women in business life, their concerns about “motherhood” started to increase. Working mothers: “Can I be a good mother to my child? Can’t I? The restlessness of not being able to spare enough time for them is one of the most challenging things for mothers. On the one hand, the difficulties of business life and on the other hand, the responsibility of taking care of the house increase the stress of working mothers. Especially if she has a spouse who does not give enough support about the house and children, this stress increases even more. If there is no mother or grandmother nearby who can leave the child, the stress of finding a reliable caregiver is added to these. For all these reasons, a state of constant tension and fatigue prevails in most of the working mothers. Yes, it is important for the child to spend time with the mother, especially in the pre-school period, especially for the child in the breastfeeding period. Despite some recent regulations, unfortunately, the opportunities provided to mothers with babies in our country are still insufficient. Reasons such as the scarcity and inadequacy of day nurseries in the workplace and the short leave periods make mothers even more anxious. Despite all these difficulties, the situation of working mothers is not hopeless or insoluble, of course.

In particular, their anxieties about “motherhood” are not as bad as they think. This expression is like a magic wand that comforts mothers because; “QUALITY TIME”. Indeed, what matters in motherhood is not the length of time spent with the child, but the quality and continuity of the relationship with the child. 2 hours spent with mutual satisfaction is much more productive and healthier than the situation where we are together until the evening but continue in parallel lives. The important thing is that the mother was able to give her full focus to her baby in a couple of hours. It is the child with his eyes, with his whole body, in short, with his whole being. In order for the mother to be able to do this, her own mental health must be in place. One of the things that is good for the mental health of a woman who has a profession and has been trained for this for years is that she can perform her profession under appropriate conditions.

Working and producing is one of the most important ways of self-realization. If a woman who is happy with her work and is satisfied with her homework also puts her housework in order, she will be even more successful in the role of “mother”. The critical point here is that the spouse gives enough support and that the husband should shoulder his wife’s responsibilities at home. A family that maintains this order will be more peaceful and happy for both the mother, the child and the father. The behavior of the baby-child, who spends a satisfactory time with their mother, also becomes calmer and calmer. Feeling that she makes her child happy, the mother’s face smiles and her energy increases. The behavior of an energetic, well-behaved woman towards her husband is also softer and more loving. It is a process where all family members win, so this..

I can’t help but say this here. There are also some parents who leave the baby to the mother or grandmother shortly after birth for reasons such as convenience and better care for the child and see the child on certain days of the week. If this is not a great necessity, it is definitely wrong. Because this situation causes the child to move away from his parents or even to be separated. Too many and different people whom the child accepts as authority are among the things that disrupt the understanding of discipline and therefore self-control. The child with the grandparents must be picked up by their parents in the evening and returned to their home. Confidence is one of the basic emotions we need throughout life. In the first six-year-old period, when the foundations for this are laid, the baby-child developing a secure relationship with their parents and a secure attachment form the basis of their happiness in the following years. Contrary to popular belief, mothering ability is not a purely instinctive state. In other words, it is a behavior that can be developed and developed. Information about child psychology and education is now very easy to reach. There is no such thing as the best motherhood, but we know that the mothering skills of mothers who are constantly learning, reading and open to learning increase. As long as this is done without forgetting the naturalness of the work, without increasing anxiety, without getting caught in the fantasy of perfection. As I have just mentioned, a mother must be healthy and happy in order to take care of her offspring with care. In short, children always need their mothers. Child-mother bonding is very important, especially during the breastfeeding period. But working, being in business life does not mean being “incapable of being a mother”. I can easily say that a working mother, who can spend an hour or two with her child in a loving and satisfying way, has fulfilled her duty in every way. Let me remind you for the last time how important the harmony in the mother-father-child triangle is for this to happen. Happy marriages, happy children; Happy families, happy societies…Stay with love..

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