work and stress

Many factors such as the economic fluctuations we have been in recently, bad weather on top of the future anxiety, etc. have increased our stress rate. A significant part of our daily life is spent in our work. The stress experienced in the workplace is effective both with the working conditions and with our personal experiences. Stress is the body’s response to demands. Excess demand creates stress. While some stress increases work motivation, intense stress can cause serious damage to human health.

In order to listen to ourselves and understand how stress affects us, we need to ask ourselves these questions. Is too much expected of me? , Does this situation reduce my work efficiency? , Is my sleep and diet still the same? Excessive stress can cause symptoms such as muscle aches, heart palpitations, constant headaches, nausea, tension, forgetfulness, crying crises, chest tightness, constipation, etc. in your body. The stress response is something you create yourself. It is your perception of events rather than the events themselves that create the problem. Our false beliefs about ourselves create stress. The love, compassion and understanding we have for others is not the same when it comes to ourselves. Our most cruel voice is our own voice. It is important to identify the unrealistic beliefs within us and explore where they come from. In this way, we can recognize our false beliefs and change them.

For most people, work is the most important part of life. Unhappiness in any area of ​​your working life can stress you out and affect your relationships and health. Review your work regularly and consider whether you are happy. In order to achieve the things you want in life, you must put your professional life in order. If your job is making you unhappy, it’s time to change jobs, or your position within the company.

If you yourself feel any of the situations I mentioned above, first of all, you need to determine the reasons that put you under stress. And develop war strategies for these reasons. For example, self-development with education, etc. Stress develops mostly in the mind. That’s why it’s important to transform our beliefs into positive ones. However, you can change the physical location in your workplace and position yourself in a way that you feel more comfortable. Coming to work a little earlier can be effective for time management and preparation. Learning to say no will reduce stress as it will reduce workload. Regular breathing exercises, sports, sleep and nutrition will strengthen you against stress. Despite all this, if you think that your quality of life is affected, you should definitely get expert support.

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