Wire-free orthodontic treatment with clear aligners

Orthodontic treatment is a branch of dentistry that treats crooked teeth and jaw disorders. Orthodontic treatment can be done in different ways. The main ones are fixed orthodontic treatment in which removable appliances and brackets and wires are applied. However, due to the negative impression it creates in both social and business life, most individuals avoid classical orthodontic treatment in which braces and brackets are used. Nowadays, orthodontic treatment options are increasing with invisible transparent plaques for this need.

Can all kinds of tooth crowding be corrected with transparent plaques?

Most dental misalignments and crowding achieve successful results with clear aligner treatment. However, we may have to resort to classical orthodontic treatment in very advanced and complex dental disorders.

Are transparent plaques visible to an outsider?

Since the material from which they are made is very thin and transparent, they are not distinguished from the outside by most people.

Is clear aligner a very expensive treatment option?

Transparent plaque treatment is a more aesthetic, special and digital treatment method than classical orthodontic treatment, so its fees are higher than classical orthodontic treatment. In the past years, we could only apply the transparent plaque treatment by providing it by certain manufacturers from abroad. This situation caused the prices to remain quite high compared to the classical orthodontic treatment. However, today, transparent plaques are also produced by domestic companies. Fees vary depending on the patient’s choice of domestic or foreign transparent record company. However, how many plates will be used in the treatment, how long the treatment will take, and application only to the lower or upper jaw also change the fees. Your doctor will make the healthiest evaluation after examining you and will inform you.

If I decide to be treated, how does the process work?

First of all, your doctor will examine you and treat your problems such as caries, infection, tartar, if any. Whether in orthodontic treatment with conventional braces or in clear plaque treatment; In case of crowding and lack of space, it may be necessary to extract some teeth or make minor abrasions between the teeth in order to gain space. These applications are made with care within the limits that will not adversely affect the patient’s dental health, chewing function and aesthetics. Orthodontic treatment can be started in a healthy mouth that has completed all other treatments such as tartar, caries and infection. For transparent aligners, your dentist first takes a panoramic dental film from you. In addition, your intra-oral and extra-oral photographs and the measurements of your teeth are sent to the production center. In the light of these data, the production center offers us a three-dimensional digital treatment plan. This treatment plan provides us with visual and technical information about how many plaques the treatment will end in, how many weeks it will last, and how the teeth will look when the treatment is completed. After the digital planning is approved, the plaque is produced individually with the help of a 3d scanner and delivered to the physician. Then the patient is informed about the use of the plate and the plates are delivered. Regular follow-ups of the patient are carried out during the periods specified by the physician.

Will my teeth go back to their original shape after the treatment is over?

After the treatment is completed, fixation plates or retainer wire attached to the invisible side of the anterior teeth should be used to maintain the current position of the teeth. These prevent the teeth from returning to their old positions and ensure the continuity of the treatment. The use of these appliances during the instructions of your doctor is a must for orthodontic treatment.

What are the advantages of clear aligner treatment over conventional braces orthodontic treatment?

Today, many people avoid orthodontic treatment because of the appearance of braces, even though they need it. Transparent plates are not noticeable from the outside and provide a more aesthetic appearance. Another disadvantage of braces is that a lot of food debris accumulates around the braces and is difficult to clean. Since the transparent plates can be removed while eating and brushing teeth, cleaning is much easier and more hygienic. At the same time, since transparent aligners offer a computer-assisted treatment process, they enable more sensitive and controlled applications on tooth movements. The mechanism of moving the teeth of the transparent aligners works differently from the braces. It can apply tooth movement in many axes at the same time. This allows the treatment process to be completed faster with transparent plaques.

Can orthodontic treatment with transparent aligners be applied at any age?

It is a treatment that can be applied to everyone, young and old, without age restrictions. However, the patient must have sufficient dexterity to use the plate. For this reason, its use in individuals younger than 12 years of age is generally not recommended.

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