Winter Sun Can Damage The Skin!

Dermatology Specialist Dr. Lütfiye Çoban said, “For stain treatment to be successful, it is necessary to be protected from the winter sun.”

Dermatology Specialist Dr. Lütfiye Çoban, warning of the winter sun, said, “Skin spots are one of the most common health problems, especially for women, after wrinkles and age-related skin problems. In the formation of skin spots, only spots that develop as a result of direct contact with the sun’s rays come to mind.”

“CONcentrates on the FACE, Cheeks and Forehead”

Specialist Dr. Lütfiye Çoban, “Sunspots called “Melasma” are non-congenital, brown-like structures that are often located on the face and cheek area, forehead and upper lip. Sunspots are divided into superficial and deep. The depth of the sunspot can be detected with an ultraviolet lamp. However, not all brown formations on the face may be due to the sun’s rays. Therefore, the skin should be evaluated with the examination of the dermatologist and the most appropriate treatment should be planned.


Stating that sun protection is of great importance for the success of stain treatment, Çoban said, “Even if you do not leave the house, sunscreen should be applied immediately after cleaning the face in the morning and repeated in the afternoon and afternoon. In addition, it is very important to avoid the sun and use sunscreen products in the use of pregnancy and birth control drugs, and in the days after epilation procedures such as waxing. Many methods are used in the treatment of stains. Superficial sunspots respond better to treatment. In order to achieve a successful result, the depth and structure of the stain are as important as the patient’s skin type, skin color, concomitant diseases, genetic structure and lifestyle. In some of the patients, some spot lightening creams are sufficient, while some patients need procedures such as peeling or laser. The most common procedure for this purpose is glycolic acid peelings made with fruit acids. Peeling done at intervals of 2-4 weeks ensures that the stained area in the upper layers of the skin is flaked and peeled off.


The shepherd continued:
“When a deeper peeling is required than peeling, fractional laser applications are also used in the treatment of spots. Fractional lasers have provided great convenience to the physician and the patient in the skin peeling process in recent years. Very successful results are obtained in every type of stain. Apart from fractional lasers, lasers with different wavelengths are also used in the treatment of some formations in the form of freckles and age spots, by acting only on the stain area without causing peeling on the skin. During stain treatment, the skin becomes much more sensitive and prone to stains, and if it is not adequately protected, the spots increase even more. Therefore, it is more appropriate to carry out treatments especially in autumn and winter months when the effect of the sun decreases. Even if the treatment is finished, high factor sunscreens should be used regularly in all seasons to prevent the spots from recurring. Using vitamin C supplements and antioxidant pharmaceuticals can suppress the formation of blemishes on the skin. In the autumn months, when the burning effect of the sun’s rays decreases, spot treatment can be started with the recommendation of the doctor.

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