Winter is at hand, so how ready are you?

In these days when the weather starts to get cold, we are developing various methods to protect ourselves from diseases.
We are quite confused about herbal teas, supplements, mixtures we buy from herbalists. First of all, if we list the things we should pay attention to, sleep quality takes priority.

A good sleep means a productive day
Our sleep quality is one of the factors that will strengthen our immune system, so we should aim to wake up rested by paying attention to quality sleep for at least 7 and maximum 8 hours. The body’s resistance to diseases will decrease if it is not rested, balanced and not fed regularly.

Don’t start the day without breakfast
If you want to start a more energetic day, do not start the day without breakfast. Breakfast should be the most important meal of the day. Consuming foods high in protein will keep you full for longer.

Don’t Skip Meals
Consuming 3 main meals and 2-3 snacks a day balances your blood sugar and shows that you have passed the first step of a balanced and regular diet. Choosing healthy alternatives will keep you away from escapades. Every food group is needed for a strong immune system.

Do not mix more than 3 types of herbal tea.
Herbal teas contain ingredients that strengthen our immune system. Green tea with high antioxidant content can cause low blood pressure with excessive consumption. Considering the food-drug interaction, you should limit herbal tea to a maximum of 2-3 cups a day so that different varieties do not cause toxic effects. You can sweeten your tea with cinnamon sticks or honey.

Supplements-Nutritional Supplements
If there is no deficiency in your blood values, using supplements may cause the formation of toxic components due to accumulation and later absorption disorders. For this reason, as with any food, do not use supplements without the advice of your doctor and dietitian.

Healthy life… Wishing you healthy eating.

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