Will There Be A Stain On My Teeth After Orthodontics?

Yes, this week, let’s try to answer another popular orthodontic treatment question. One of the most curious issues by people who are considering starting orthodontic treatment is whether there will be any traces or stains on their teeth after the treatment is over.

First of all, no matter what method orthodontic treatment is performed, no apparatus or material that goes into the teeth is used in any application. Only very thin superficial adhesives are applied to the tooth surface, even in the application of metal or transparent wires, which can not be removed from the teeth by the patient during the treatment and therefore known by everyone, which is called fixed treatment. At the end of the treatment, after the removal of these apparatus called brackets, the small amount of adhesive remaining on the surface of the tooth is easily cleaned and removed. This cleaning process is not much different from tartar cleaning, which is seen in almost everyone.

In other words, the roughness felt by the patients at the first moment after the wires are removed from the mouth is not caused by a problem in the teeth, but is nothing but cleanable adhesive residues. This layer can also be removed with a short and easy operation.

Well, can it be concluded that the surface of the teeth is not affected in any way? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. Caries are often seen on the teeth, even under normal conditions. Naturally, additional apparatus on the teeth will create difficulty in cleaning and this will increase the risk of caries. If there is already a lack of care regarding oral hygiene, this situation will go further with the addition of wires and orthodontic apparatus to this environment, and the amount of food residues and bacteria to adhere to the oral environment will increase.

Even a normal brushing habit is enough to prevent all these problems. Our advice to people undergoing orthodontic treatment is a good brushing practice after every meal. For this, orthodontic brushes and interface brushes should be used.

Another issue is the food and drinks that should be considered during orthodontic treatment, which we have mentioned in previous articles. Foremost among these are acidic beverages, which cause an increased risk of cavities even for people who do not have braces. These cola and soda-derived drinks should never be consumed during the treatment. In addition, excessive consumption of foods such as Turkish delight and candies will increase the risk of caries and may cause unwanted caries to appear at the end of the treatment.

In summary, in cases where good oral hygiene is practiced and sugary foods are reduced, no problems are encountered at the end of the treatment.

I wish everyone healthy teeth and happy smiles…

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