Why Teeth Get Colored, How Do They White? (Bleacing) Does it damage the teeth?

Teeth can change color with factors such as tea, coffee, cigarettes, colored foods, as well as with tetracycline group drugs used by the congenital and mother during pregnancy. Sometimes, it may also become discolored due to amalgam filling, root canal treatment, and tooth inflammation caused by caries. Tertiary dentin, which emerges with age due to the erosion of tooth enamel and the self-protection reflex of the layer beneath it, also causes darkening of the tooth color.

If we come to the question of how discolored or dark-colored teeth are white at birth;

With teeth whitening agents, each tooth can be whitened to a certain extent. Teeth whitening is divided into two as office type and home type applications. Generally, the maximum result that can be achieved is achieved by making office and home type together. Office bleaching takes about 40 minutes and home bleaching takes 1-4 weeks. Teeth whitening is a treatment that should be done under the control of a physician. Your doctor will also want to see you during home bleaching and will decide when to stop your application.

Teeth whitening is a healthy application under the control of a physician, and it is a completely harmless application since special plaques are made and applied according to the tooth structure. It is necessary to stay away from coloring foods and drinks for a while after teeth whitening. It is useful to apply the home kit for 1 day at 6-month intervals in order for the result to be long-lasting.

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