Why smear analysis?

smear ; It is the name of an analysis to detect normal and abnormal changes that occur at the entrance of the uterus. It is taken by a Gynecologist and sent to the Pathology laboratory for examination.

Thanks to the smear analysis;

1. Cervical cancer can be detected at an early stage.

2. The presence of viral agents proven to cause cervical cancer is detected and the opportunity to be vaccinated against them arises.

3. Treatment-resistant microorganisms can be detected.

4. Helpful findings for the diagnosis of women with infertility problems can be revealed. ( HORMONEAL PROFILE )

* A significant portion of women’s deaths in the world are due to cervical cancer.

Therefore, prevention, diagnosis and vaccination are vital. Because ; It is recommended that women who have entered puberty have this test at least once a year.

Especially ;

* Early menstruation


*Has at least 2 relatives with cancer in the family

* late menopause

* not born

* frequent sexual intercourse

* Our women who are in a polygamous relationship ARE AT RISK.

Kind regards

Dr. Alptekin Sen
Pathology and Cytology Specialist

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