Why People Feel the Need to Attack Through Social Media

Social media has become the most important and perhaps the first preferred communication tool today. Social media platforms, which are in such high demand, have inevitably started to constitute an element of power in the hands of people. Social media communication tools sometimes allow us to have a pleasant time, and sometimes cause sad situations. While we have such powerful communication tools at our disposal, we cannot always use them for good purposes. Sometimes it can also act as a tool to convey the grudge or hatred inside us. So why do people feel the need to attack someone else through social media?

Before the age of social media, people expressed their anger in their own way. Some would resort to physical violence, while others would put their attacking impulses into action with verbal expressions. People who were able to control their anger preferred objects that could convey their anger, such as doing sports or taking up a hobby. With the invention of social media communication platforms, a new tool was born through which people can express their anger. Although this tool does not cause physical damage, it can create serious negative psychological effects. Underneath this violence, as always, is the impulse of anger that comes from the nature of human existence. In physical fights, people may withdraw themselves or stop themselves at some point in order not to be harmed, but since there is no threat to physical integrity in social media, people can go on the path of unlimited anger discharge without restricting themselves. Of course, this does not apply to everyone. Anger control mechanisms are also included here. People who cannot control these mechanisms act with the primitive brain (subcortical structures) by deactivating the brain’s judgment and reasoning center and may be in a situation where the results cannot be calculated. Some users may be evaluated within the framework of the definition of psychology, which is considered as the concept of antisocial personality traits, which is the opposite of the ability to socialize, which may require psychological treatment. Underneath this anger structure, which is transmitted through social media, usually lies the thoughts/emotions/feelings of “inadequacy”. He may act impulsively with the feelings he has created on the person he has attacked over social media, of which the most disturbing and most violent feelings are “inadequacy”, “not being good enough”, “trying to prove himself”, “lack of self-confidence”. The most severe of the social media attacks are the posts that are usually started with a mass lynching movement. Social media accounts, which think that they have gathered a mass behind them in such posts, follow an angry community that acts with primitive brain structures by posting in line with their target. This community, which has common concerns, may harm themselves or others as a result of their impulsive actions. From this point of view, social media communication platforms, which may seem innocent, are not as innocent as they seem. Of course, we can’t blame programs that only consist of ones and zeros. The untamed human nature, which turns them into weapons in their hands, is the biggest responsible for this situation. Perhaps the most effective and correct move that can be made in this regard is the dissemination of trainings on the use of social media in our country and in the world. Posts that amount to violating private life can be evaluated by law enforcement bodies with effective sanctions.

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