Why orthodontic treatment?

1) To provide a better aesthetic and function with the correction of jaw problems
2) Easier cleaning by straightening the teeth and reducing the risk of gingival problems and caries
3) To provide a more impressive and confident smile,
4) Improve chewing, swallowing and speech function,
5) Enabling individuals to be more successful in school, work and social life by increasing their self-confidence.


What are the causes of orthodontic disorders?

a) Genetic factors
b) Cross inheritance


c) Loss of space: If the caries in the deciduous teeth are not treated, the teeth are extracted prematurely and a placeholder is not applied, the permanent teeth may not find a place to erupt and crowding occurs.


d) Bad habits: Bad habits such as thumb sucking, continuation of baby swallowing, lip sucking, pencil biting can cause disorders in the development of teeth and jaw structures.


e) Long-term and recurrent tonsillitis, curvature of the nasal bone, the presence of the nose and adenoids may also prevent the shaping of the jawbones and cause orthodontic problems.

f) Some muscle disorders

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