Why online counseling in the pandemic

We all now know that almost everyone’s psychology was affected more or less negatively in the pandemic, we got to know our spouses better, we spent more time with our children, and everyone’s partial or full-time confinement affected almost everyone, domestic problems arose, health problems on the other hand… a little cough. We all became paranoid with the thought that if we had a headache, did we get corona, children and parents clashed, education life was interrupted, children at home were bored, a generation began to develop, asocial, addicted to computers, phones and games. He couldn’t even reach out to greet when he saw him. be society I think we got used to this order on the rack. Our children’s schooling online, the fact that we make our orders online, have made it possible for even our elderly people who can’t use a computer or phone in this process. But why is online therapy so popular? Since we were afraid of the contagious effect of the pandemic at the beginning, everyone wanted to get counseling in an environment where the possibility of transmission of the disease could be reduced to zero at home, it gave confidence. Another point is that we experienced the comfort of breathing comfortably without wearing a mask. It made sense for everyone to get counseling from the comfort of their home, without ever getting into the traffic and without wasting their time on the roads. It also has a financial dimension. You will agree that it is more convenient than online counseling. Let me answer the first question that comes to mind here. Is it efficient? It is definitely productive, and it is exactly the same as the session in the same counseling center, as we conduct our conversation on the computer and focus on the face on the computer based on the principle of confidentiality. It gets the same efficiency, and our clients are very satisfied with this process. Be sure that online consultations will continue, even when this pandemic is over. You entrust yourself to us, online or face to face, the rest of the task falls to us.

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