Why Isn’t Natural Bypass Treatment With EECP Increasing?

Natural Bypass Treatment with EECP, from the waist down of the body a rhythmic massage in harmony with the heartbeat It is an applied treatment. In general, this medicine, which is applied from 1-2 hours a day to 35 hours, bloodless, non-surgical and easy to applyThe treatment provides miraculous benefits to the cardiovascular system, the blood supply of the organs, and therefore the whole body. FDA in the USA in 1995It has been approved in many countries in the world, especially in America and China. Over 600 scientific studies It is a proven treatment with Its main effects are:

  • arteries protects against arteriosclerosis It prevents reoccurring stenosis in coronary heart patients and enables the patient to live for a long time without complaints and using less medication. Thus, it reduces the need for frequent hospital admissions, frequent coronary angiography, repeated stenting and bypass surgery.

  • By expanding the heart vessels, enriching the fine vascular network between the vessels, forming natural bypasses is. Thus, the blood supply of the heart regions that cannot receive enough blood due to stenosis in the vessels improves, and the patient’s chest pain complaints disappear.

  • all in the body increases blood circulation and makes it work more efficiently. With this effect, better blood supply of the pancreas and increase in metabolism and facilitation of blood sugar control in diabetic patients. In patients with heart failure, the increase in renal blood supply, the increase in the amount of urine and the loss of edema fluid accumulated in the body are also due to this effect.

  • By increasing the natural stem cell activity in the body, support cell regeneration is happening. This effect has a role in the reduction of heart failure after heart attack and stroke disability after brain infarction.

Natural Bypass Treatment with EECP, with the features listed above, provides protection from atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease and prevent disease progression. And also, in patients whose disease has progressed and cannot be treated with any other treatment method. the only treatment option forms. For example, with this treatment, we have witnessed over 16 years of observation that even patients with severe heart failure who are waiting for a heart transplant can get rid of their complaints with Natural Bypass Treatment with EECP and return to their work and active life.

Why isn’t such a useful treatment widely used?

This question is for students learning about the effects of EECP therapy. This is the first question that comes to everyone’s mind. . If it’s so useful, why isn’t it widely used? Why is this treatment not applied to those with heart disease first? In fact, why is it not applied to those at risk of heart disease for the purpose of protection?

Unfortunately, all over the world and in our country, established belief The fact is that the more advanced technology and expensive methods are used in the treatment of diseases, the more respected the center and the doctor who apply it; The patient is just as satisfied. Because medical centers with investments exceeding million dollarsangiography and stent can be applied for heart patients, bypass surgery can be performed, intensive care treatment can be applied, artificial heart and heart transplantation can be performed for patients with heart failure. they are installing units . Doctors have been trained for many years to be able to apply such methods.

Since all these investments and opportunities are prepared to serve the patient, they are also used in the treatment of patients. these methods are often recommended and applied . On the other hand, it will reduce the need for these treatments and will be more preferred by patients because it is bloodless and non-surgical. There is no mention of a treatment method such as EECP therapy.

For these reasons, patients and their relatives can only get the right answer if they ask a doctor who has applied this treatment and who has witnessed its beneficial effects, whether this treatment is beneficial for them and their patients. Because, a doctor who also applies the Natural Bypass treatment with EECP chooses and recommends the most suitable option to his patient among the options that include this treatment. Doctors who do not apply EECP treatment have to choose one of the other treatment methods. This sometimes leads to applications such as stenting or bypass surgery for patients whose vascular structure is not very suitable, in which the patient does not see any benefit.

As Natural Bypass Treatment with EECP becomes widespread in our country, many more of our people will be able to benefit from this treatment.

About Natural Bypass treatment with EECP on the internetA great deal of information can be obtained in Turkish and English. source is available.

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