Why is My Child’s Development Important?

Pre-school education, where our children experience the most valuable developmental process, is very important to me. I bring the subject to pre-school education in all the seminars and educational studies I attend. I think that these years have a very active role in shaping a child’s life. As scientific studies indicate, we make a great effort both with our families and with our teachers so that we do not lose these years when the brain learns the fastest and most actively.

Because one life will touch hundreds of lives.

If we take a look at the concept of pre-school education, it is considered as “the education received in a school before starting primary school”. And parents, calculating the school age of the child, start the process in accordance with the time when their child should go to kindergarten. Some of the children receive pre-school education for one year and some for two years. First of all, I think that the preschool education process should be removed from the perception of school only. I try to emphasize this especially in my work with parents. Somehow, many things that are postponed by saying that he will get used to it, learn, do when he goes to school are postponed until the child’s four or five years. This is exactly where we need to improve.

The concept we call development is a situation that starts with the moment a baby falls into the mother’s womb and ends with death. So this tells us: You are never too late, development continues! However, there are such valuable years of development that we say we should not miss those years. Especially for years up to the age of six.

It passes with time, gets used to it, opens with time…

If the necessity of appropriate interventions and studies is not noticed and steps are not taken during this time, the problems experienced will become more difficult over time. Again, growth and improvement is possible, but why should we expect a simple knot to become a complex knot?

Let’s think like this; Let there be ten documents you need to sign every day. And when you sign regularly, your workload will not tire you. What if we say I’ll sign later? Tomorrow, tomorrow… As those documents pile up, things get complicated and we can’t get out of it. Of course, choosing the difficult when there is an easy one can be an option, but when it comes to development, we cannot think so optionally and express that serious health issues may occur.

You know, when you go to the health center, you give a blood test and according to the results, let’s follow up a little, then you will give the analysis again, your family doctor says; That’s what we, the experts, who follow the development of children, aim for. We observe your children, make evaluations and share them with you.

It is a development that makes me very happy that the sensitivity of parents on this issue has increased compared to previous years. I meet very nice people who want to follow the process about their children, get information and support them. In parallel with this, I continue to work with beautiful parents, whom I try to make aware of the seriousness and necessity of the situation and to explain it tirelessly.

I would like to emphasize again that; Pre-school education is not just the education received at school. When a baby starts to breathe, the education process of his parents and social environment begins. This is such a good education that parents are in a position to both live and let live, thanks to their children. Maybe it is good for parents to discover many things that they missed in time with their children and to be a part of this development.

These months of the year are the months of parents who are preparing to go to the first grade of primary school and cannot decide whether to go or not. While parents think that their children are ready, they also consider the difficulties they may experience. The best thing to do at this point is; The observations of the child’s preschool teacher will be a pooled evaluation of the opinions of a competent specialist who conducts school readiness assessment and the parents. Some spots can be a warning sign.

We said that one life will touch hundreds of lives. We will act without fear or worry for our child’s own life and the life of those around him, but by following, understanding, sharing and developing.

This is teamwork. I don’t see any obstacles that cannot be overcome if we act together with team spirit.

Let every new sun be a new beginning for our children and us…

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