Why is Kidney Health Important?

Kidneys are one of the most important organs for our health. The main reason for this is that it is a special organ that can affect all systems and plays many roles. One of the most well-known and main functions of the body is to manage the balance of elements such as sodium potassium calcium magnesium, which we call water and electrolytes. In addition, it is involved in the removal of toxic (poisonous) and waste materials from the body through urine. It should not be thought of as just the body’s normal metabolism. It is among the duties of the kidney to expel the harmful substances that enter our body with food and drinks, to keep the blood levels of some drugs we take in balance, and to remove the excess. In addition, it has important effects on blood pressure. Particularly, molecules such as renin angiotensin secreted from the kidney vessels play an important role in keeping our blood pressure in balance. Vitamin D also plays an important role in the control of our bone structure by adjusting the calcium balance. In addition, the basic substances that give the order of blood production in the body are secreted from the kidney tissue. As can be seen, the kidney is an organ that has an effect on all systems, not just the excretory system. For this reason, we should give great importance to our kidney health and know what we can do to protect it.


Adequate Water consumption

The main thing we need to do to protect kidney health is to consume enough water. What is more, what is less, water consumption is important in the decision. By providing circulation in the excretory system, water provides the dilution of substances that may damage the kidney and ensures that they are quickly eliminated without staying in the kidney cells for a long time, which may be damaged while being excreted from the kidney. A healthy adult individual should drink approximately 3 liters of fluid per day. In this, including the liquids we take in tea, coffee and meals, daily consumption of approximately 2 liters of water is one of the most important factors in protecting kidney health.


Exercise has an important place in protecting not only kidney but also whole body health. By balancing blood circulation, vascular health and metabolism, it ensures that the kidney is adequately nourished and that the blood in the body reaches the kidney sufficiently and is cleaned.


In order for our organs to function with a healthy diet, all the necessary building blocks must be taken in an appropriate amount with nutrition. On the other hand, individuals with kidney disease should reduce the animal foods that bring heavy protein load and stay away from salt as much as possible, which will reduce the workload of the kidney and help it to do its job properly. It should not be forgotten that the toxic products that will emerge with the destruction of artificial or non-organic food and beverages will be eliminated from the kidneys.

Alcohol and smoking

Today, everyone knows that there is no limit to the toxic substances that enter our body with cigarettes. However, alcohol use also has serious harms to the body, although not as much as cigarettes. While it brings a lot of waste material workload to the kidneys, the damage they do to the cells prevents the kidney from functioning. For this reason, every individual who cares about kidney health should stay away from alcohol and cigarettes.

Paying attention to drug use

All drugs, whether of natural or artificial origin, are agents that we take from the outside into our body and affect our metabolism. Many people need to use medication regularly or for a certain period of time. The use of medication must be strictly under the advice and control of a doctor. There are safe ranges for each drug. Other than that, its use can be harmful. For example, it is known that many painkillers that we use simply by seeing can cause different levels of kidney failure, especially in people with kidney sensitivity. For this reason, controlled drug use is very important in terms of kidney health, not according to our mind, but with the recommendation of a doctor.

Check-up and regular doctor check-up

Although kidney diseases can be acquired later, congenital hereditary factors can also be effective. For this reason, those with known kidney disease in the family should be aware of this issue and should have their controls at least once a year. In addition, we know that chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, blood pressure disease and rheumatic diseases can cause serious damage to the kidney in the long term. For this reason, it is important for individuals with these diagnoses to go to regular check-ups and to be under control in terms of their diseases in terms of protecting kidney health.

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