Why is it important to get psychological support in your infertility treatment?

Couples faced with reproductive problems describe this situation as the worst experience they have ever had in their lives. On the other hand, studies have shown that the stress, anxiety and depression levels of couples who have reproductive problems and those diagnosed with a life-threatening disease are equivalent.

People are very clear and willing to get help and support from others regarding their physical problems. However, when it comes to psychological problems, for some reason they believe that they have to deal with these problems themselves. Therefore, they ignore the problem they face and ignore the accompanying emotions. Gift of jewelry; until these feelings create a crisis.

In particular, people who have problems with conceiving usually; while there is a noticeable decrease in mental, emotional and physical well-being; An increase is observed in stress, frustration, anxiety, guilt, jealousy and depressive feelings. It is very difficult for people with reproductive problems to receive emotional support from their friends, family and even their spouses. They believe that talking about and expressing their negative feelings will further complicate their distressed situation. For this reason, in order to stay strong, they try to ignore and ignore their feelings, separating themselves from the outside world and immersing themselves in themselves.

As these negative emotions are tried to be suppressed, they become stronger and, as they get stronger, they become more difficult to cope with, and in a way, they negatively affect the medical treatment applied.

For this reason, realizing that the emotions such as anxiety, anger, loneliness that people feel in the situation they are in are normal, and revealing and accepting these feelings will save them from a great burden. In addition, getting professional support on how to deal with these feelings and acquiring some personal coping skills will increase the success rate of their medical treatments.

Reproduction is more than just a physical process, it is also a process that is affected by thoughts and emotions and can be enriched by changing them.

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