Why Is Emotional Intelligence More Important?

We want, we want, we always want something, expect something. Sometimes it takes time or circumstances to change for it to happen. Even this is hard to endure. This state of being able to wait or postpone actually gives us an idea about our EQ level. Because the ability of a person to postpone their wishes and manage their emotions without creating stress during the waiting period is the subject of Emotional Intelligence research.

So, what is this Emotional Intelligence (EQ) concept?

Let’s take a look at the content of this concept, which has attracted attention in recent years and is considered even more important than Mental Intelligence (IQ) by researchers.

Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, is the ability to understand one’s own and others’ emotions and to use this understanding in social life. It has been observed that people with high EQ are closer to success in all areas of life. The main point here is that the point that carries the person to success is to express his feelings in the right place and to be aware of the feelings of the other person in an appropriate way.

EQ is more important than IQ because even if the individual without emotional intelligence has academic and professional competence, they are unhappy because they cannot establish the right social relationships.

Emotional Intelligence has 5 dimensions;

1) Self-awareness; being aware of one’s own emotions, recognizing them

2) Ability to manage emotions; the individual’s ability to cope with his own emotions in situations such as stress, tension, excitement, etc.

3) Personal motivation; the individual’s use of his own emotions as a driving force towards the goal he wants to reach

4) Empathy; the individual’s ability to understand the emotions of others and to perceive the non-verbal messages they send

5) Social skills; It is the individual’s ability to manage the emotions of others at a higher level as a result of understanding them.

Undoubtedly, the world-famous American psychologist Daniel Goleman contributed greatly to the popularization of the concept of EQ. Daniel Goleman, the author of the book ‘Emotional Intelligence’, also gives a social message in his book;


If we stick the needle in ourselves, how much would it hurt?

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