Why Is Diabetes Considered Equivalent to Heart Disease?

Atherosclerosis, which is the disease of our age, and the coronary heart disease caused by it,
It is a very serious disease that causes seizures, heart failure and sudden death. death in the world
It is among the first reasons.

Diabetes also predisposes to arteriosclerosis. And also, against the backdrop of diabetes
developing coronary heart disease progresses silently and rapidly. Once diagnosed, treatment is possible
or long-term improvement may not be achieved from the treatments applied.
Therefore, diabetes mellitus is considered equivalent to coronary heart disease. So a
If someone has diabetes, it is considered as having coronary heart disease in advance.
is being done.

What is the relationship between diabetes and heart disease?
Diabetes is a disease characterized by high blood sugar levels.
High blood sugar in the blood changes the structure of the endothelial layer, which is the inner surface of our arteries.
spoils. In this deteriorated area, blood fats and calcium sit on the vessel wall. thus formed
accumulation takes the name of “Atherosclerosis Plaque”. This accumulation forms towards the vascular space.
The protrusion narrows the vascular space, creating an obstacle to blood flow from that vessel.
Atherosclerosis occurs if stenosis occurs in coronary vessels, which are the vessels that feed the heart.
The resulting disease is called “Coronary Heart Disease”. coronary heart disease, heart attacks, heart
It is a very serious disease that causes disability and sudden death.
High blood sugar is one of the most important causes of arteriosclerosis and coronary heart disease.
a diabetic, a very high candidate for coronary heart disease
is a person.

What is the cause of Diabetes?
Normally, it keeps blood sugar at normal levels, is found in our abdominal cavity and pancreas.
Insulin is the hormone secreted from our organ. The secretion of this hormone
disorder, not being secreted in the required amount, or ineffective even though it is secreted
It causes high blood sugar levels.
Diabetes mellitus is a serious disease with an increasing incidence all over the world and in our country.
How can the heart and vessels of diabetics be protected?
It is of primary importance to keep blood sugar within normal limits. Regular exercise for
should be done, calorie foods should not be consumed, weight should not be gained, if there is obesity, the ideal weight should be reduced,
should take the necessary diabetes medication orally, and if it is not enough, use insulin.
If blood sugar control is difficult despite these measures, and also, coronary heart disease, genetic
Risks such as predisposition, hypertension, high blood fats, smoking, stressful life
If there is, protection should be provided with Natural Bypass Treatment.

Natural Bypass Treatment protects the heart and blood vessels in diabetics with the following effects:
 It facilitates blood sugar control.
 Protects blood vessels against arteriosclerosis
 Prevents early heart disease.
 It widens the blood vessels.
 It enriches the small vessel network (natural bypasses) forming a bridge between the vessels.
 It reduces the possibility of heart attacks and heart failure.
When these precautions are not taken, atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease in diabetic patients
It moves silently and quickly. When it occurs, it cannot be treated with other methods.
may have progressed. Natural Bypass Therapy is a remedy for diabetics in this situation.

– Those with coronary heart disease who cannot be treated with balloon-stent and bypass surgery
provides treatment for patients.
– In patients who have undergone balloon-stent or bypass surgery, the results obtained from these treatments
makes the good last longer.
– Patients whose vessels are narrowed again after balloon-stent and bypass surgeries
provides treatment.
– Provides treatment for patients who develop heart failure as a result of heart attacks.
– Protective and protective in peripheral arterial disease (narrowing of the foot-leg vessels)
shows therapeutic effect.
– Complaints of numbness and numbness due to nerve ending damage in diabetic patients
allows it to pass.
– It reduces the need for frequent repetition of hospital admissions and hospitalizations, examinations and treatments.
– With all these effects, it increases the quality of life in diabetic patients.

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