Why Is Brushing Teeth So Difficult?

In order to take part in society as a social creature, people should pay attention to their appearance and cleanliness.
They say, ‘We brush our teeth for others in the morning and for ourselves in the evening’. Sometimes your own
We do things for others that we wouldn’t even do for our health. Why is this in the evening
Suffice it to say that less attention is paid to brushing.
We’ve all thought that sometimes brushing your teeth is too hard, even to ourselves.
There have been times when we skipped brushing our teeth with the little excuses we made up.
• It’s a little boring … and a small task that’s easy to forget. It’s just as important as dressing up.
not, so: i’ll buy some good gum and in the evening when i have more time
I will brush I will be very motivated! …
• I’m so tired I have to go to sleep soon … I brush in the morning … I’m late for work right away
I have to go I don’t have any time…
• Every step of my long make-up in the morning and my skin care routine in the evening.
I can, but brushing?… too long and boring…
• I can’t stay by the sink for 2 minutes without moving while brushing…

• My dentist tells me that if I don’t brush my teeth, I can lose it from gingivitis.
he said…that motivated me…just 2 weeks…
• I usually brush every morning because I go out with clean breath and clean teeth.
I would like to…but at night for some reason I can’t remember…
• Brushing your teeth is no fun …
• I can’t stand the sound or vibration of the toothbrush…goosebumps
happens…even when someone is brushing in the same room as me…
• I wash my hair because it looks so greasy and ugly…I wash my face because
I feel dirty…I don’t want anyone to see my eye burrs but my teeth
If I don’t brush, nothing happens in a day! anyway, no one notices…
• I haven’t eaten anything that hasn’t been contaminated yet…
• I hate the taste of mint toothpaste…
• I work too hard, I’m stressed out, I don’t have time and I’m in a position to think about my teeth.
I am not…
• I hate brushing my teeth …I don’t want them to be yellow but still
brushing is very difficult…isn’t there another way?
• Even if I brush it every day, it rots anyway… what does it matter… I’m tired of this situation…
But we know that this is the most effective method of protecting our teeth.
We must acquire this habit without causing negative consequences for our health.
We should brush our teeth for 2 minutes at least 2 times a day and also every brushing
After that, we must use dental floss.

Habit Forming
Brushing your teeth should be done for you, but you cannot form a habit,
If it has become a problematic process that never comes later, by saying I will do it later, a few
We can try to make it easier with the change.
Routine and repetition, especially for children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder
It can be very difficult to do regular jobs that require brushing and you can’t get used to brushing.
For children over 9 years old;

1- You can add to-do list and tooth brushing on the bedroom wall, or
You can put a reminder on your phone.
2- Those who are disturbed by the sound or who cannot continue to brush for a long time while brushing their teeth
You can try listening to youtube videos, music or podcasts,
3- An electric toothbrush that tells you how long you’ve been brushing your teeth.
You can also use it for those with a nauseous reflex thanks to their smaller head.
is more useful.
4- While taking a bath by putting a brush and paste next to the shampoos, you can brush your teeth at the same time.
You may remember brushing.
5- You can try different flavors of pastes.

6- If you forget to brush during the day or you cannot carry it with you, mouthwash
You can use it or chew gum.
7- To all the places you go to, such as the locker at school, the desk at work, a friend’s house you go to all the time.
solutions such as putting a brush and a paste can be produced.

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