Why I Became a Psychologist-What is Therapy- What Kind of Process Awaits Us?

Hello, in this article, I wanted to reduce your question marks a little by talking about myself and what kind of process awaits us.

Human psychology has been an element of curiosity for me as long as I can remember. I have done a lot of reading on this subject from an early age, and the more I read, the less I realized that I knew, and my curiosity for learning grew more and more. After I finished my university and graduate education, I continued to develop myself and learn with the same curiosity as the first day.

Sharing what I know and helping people has always been my priority. I learned something different from each client. Over time, the following point of view became deeply embedded in my mind: Panic attacks, depression, various anxiety disorders or traumas… Regardless of the subject, we all have the power to overcome the difficulties we go through. As a psychologist, I first helped the person in front of me to understand what he was going through and how he felt, then to reveal that power of coping that has always been inside him but maybe deep inside, to enjoy life again and to hug him with all his hands, and to increase his quality of life again.

Therapy is a journey into one’s inner world. We sit in a boat together and set off to explore. Sometimes we take a rest and breathe, and sometimes we move forward together by putting the fear on our side. At the end of the process, I ask my clients to thank themselves, not me. Because they set out on this path, took the first step with courage, allowed themselves and did their best. The person may not know what to do, what to say, may be tired, no problem, as long as he knows what he wants and tries to do his best… As I said, this is a journey. We have a lot to learn from the road itself, from being on the road, as well as from the destination. We will go step by step together…

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