Why Do You Experience Craving During Pregnancy?

I The plum, the herald fruit of the spring season?

D Anchovy, which gets oilier and becomes more flavorful as your seafood cools?

There are many questions about the feeling of craving, which is shown as an indispensable part of pregnancy.

Why do pregnant women crave?

Is craving biological? Is it due to a psychological reason?

Does every expectant mother experience cravings?

A laying; Pregnancy is the most special and important period for expectant mothers in the process of becoming a parent, where hormonal changes are experienced both psychologically and physiologically. Craving during pregnancy is the urge to consume foods that do not come to mind, perhaps have never been tried before, or even out of season.

Studies show that not every pregnant woman gets cravings, but about 90% of pregnant women do. Included in this large portion are pregnant women who crave at least one food during pregnancy.

All of us, who just want to eat chocolate or pickles, lose their sleep in the middle of the night, but want foods that are not likely to be in season; Sometimes the requests that force the spouse by saying “our baby suffered…”; We have heard the pregnancy craving stories both ourselves and those around you.

The craving feeling that sounds good in stories can also bring some problems. Foods that are not in season can cause communication problems between spouses and cause the expectant mother to be a little more sensitive and touchy during the most sensitive period.

In addition, the psychologically prominent detail about craving is that cravings are very sweet and very sour foods. This detail has also given birth to social curiosity, the method of sex determination and superstition that the person who eats sour will have a daughter, and the person who eats sweet will have a son.

The highest fruit in determining sex with craving green plum is coming. Since the fruits that are craved out of season are hard to reach, it is the biggest problem of both mother candidates and father candidates. Almost many expectant mothers made a request from their spouses with the feeling of craving for green plums.

A is the shearing biological; Is it due to a psychological reason?

In fact, research shows that craving is more than biological; due to psychological reasons. Craving usually occurs in people who do not receive enough attention and importance from their spouses in the marriage union, or who do not take care of their pregnancy, and who do not receive the attention they want from their spouses and extended family members. During this time, the mother-to-be needs to be noticed by her husband and for me it is to test the feeling that my wife did it. Or

Women who have been subjected to violence by their spouses, who are ignored in their family environment, or who have problems by their spouse’s family, may see craving as an escape route, albeit for a while.

In case of an unplanned pregnancy, it may be due to the idea of ​​preparing her for her new role by ensuring her husband’s participation in the pregnancy process and sharing this excitement. In some cases, craving may arise from the idea of ​​closing the past problems with the improvement of the relationship, the new family structure to be established, new responsibilities and leaving them behind.

In a study of rural women in Tanzania, it was reported that women crave meat, fish, grains, fruit and vegetables, emphasizing that providing the craved food indicates social support of the spouse and family.

A wife who is sent to buy fried chicken at 1 o’clock at night and finds it and brings it back is a sign of support for the pregnant woman. Fried chicken wings can be delicious and enjoyable, but having someone they love bring them in has nutritive value beyond the calories.

As a result;

Physiological and psychological conditions that change during pregnancy are effective on pregnancy psychology.

However, when the feeling of craving becomes the solution to the problems in the institution of marriage and family, it is absolutely necessary to seek help from a specialist. Craving can be improved to some extent by evaluating the psychological dimension by providing appropriate counseling with the mother-to-be and father-to-be.

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