Why Do We Need Psychological Support?

Why do we need psychological support? This question is among the topics that those who want to receive professional psychotherapy seek answers to.

Today, we know that many people receive psychotherapy support from many experts in their fields such as psychologists, psychiatrists, pedagogues and family therapists. This support received in the past years was observed as an odd and hesitant situation in the society. Today, so to speak, this taboo has been broken. Now we can say that we have acted more consciously and this wrong perception has been overcome. As such, many people seek support in order to relieve their various problems and relieve themselves both mentally and physiologically. This is where expert psychologists come into play. So why do you need a psychologist? Let’s look at the answer to this question together.

Why is Psychological Support Important?

Getting psychological support is very important in terms of eliminating the disorders seen in mental, emotional and behavioral abilities. In addition to this, there are some disorders that occur in people and take a long time. These ailments are resolved with psychological support. If we briefly list these elements;

⦁ Relieving Troubled Emotions and Thoughts

⦁ Prevent Anxiety and Fear

⦁ Avoiding Negative Behaviors

⦁ Gaining Confidence

⦁ Self-Expression

⦁ Depression and Anxiety

⦁ Acquiring New Skills

⦁ Demonstrating Change and Improvement

⦁ Solving Problems

What is Psychotherapy? How does it work?

Psychotherapy; It is a concept that includes various psychological treatment methods, consisting of the phrase psyco meaning “spirit” in Greek and therapia meaning “cure”. It is also called as the treatment of physical problems based on mental, cognitive and psychological factors together with scientific methods.

Why Do We Need a Psychotherapist?

What are Psychological Traumas?

Psychological traumas include the negative factors that the individual encounters in daily life, such as horror, anxiety, nervousness, stress, sadness, joy and panic, which the individual overreacts and disrupts the routine. It is possible to say that these traumas are frequently encountered both in the individual and in his/her environment in our daily life. It does not shake the individual much, including what we have mentioned in some emotional changes. In addition to this, we can see that there are many psychological traumas that leave a great mark on the experiences.

How Does the Psychotherapy Process Work?

The psychotherapy process starts with a therapeutic trust and close communication between the counselor, patient, couple, family or individuals who are consulted by a psychiatrist who is specialized in the field for the solution of psychiatric illness or psychology-based problems.

The main source of the bond of trust and communication here is for the rapid and robust elimination of the targeted psychiatric illness or psychology-based problems. The problem of trust between the psychiatrist and the client can be eliminated in one session. In addition, due to the nature of the business, this period may take longer than expected.

In the psychotherapy process, the client’s personal life story, past and current relationships are also taken into consideration. In addition, we can say that many factors such as self-discovery, development of personality, and more regular behavior are emphasized during this process. This situation completely varies according to the psychological disorders and traumas of the client.

Conclusion: As we have mentioned above, the psychotherapy applied varies according to the person’s condition, complaint, personal characteristics and the condition of the disorder. In addition, the techniques applied and the necessary criteria are offered individually. In other words, not every treatment method is valid for every patient.

As a result of the treatment methods and techniques applied in the psychotherapy process, the emotional and behavioral disorders of the client are improved and the mental health is improved and protected. In addition to this, great gains are provided in terms of emotional and personality structure.

When Is Psychotherapy Needed?

There are many reasons why psychotherapy may be needed. In other words, there is no generally valid criterion for benefiting from a psychiatrist. This is why many people have some difficulty when they decide to start therapy.

Most people can overcome this by understanding the mood they are experiencing. Or they can re-establish their inner balance by sharing this mood with their relatives. However, many people who have lost their self-confidence, are introverted, cannot express themselves and have confidence problems want to get help from a professional person who can understand them.

Generally in people who need psychotherapy;

“I can’t recognize myself”, “Why am I like this?”, “Change disturbs my peace.”

“I can’t help myself”, “Am I a bad person?”, “I am very worried.”

“There are Problems Around me”, “I cannot sleep well.”

“Is there a solution to this?”

Why Do We Need Psychological Support? We can see the different types of questions. Individuals need psychotherapy in order to answer all these questions or to meet those who are curious. In this, he tries to get support from a specialist psychiatrist or a psychologist.

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