Why Do We Need Antioxidants?

Antioxidants have become popular especially in recent years. Both physicians, health professionals and all people have good or bad knowledge or awareness about antioxidants. It is undeniable that the last pandemic has played an important role in this. Because the question of how to increase my immunity is asked by everyone. On the other hand, everyone who talks about it gives advice like do this, use this, drink this, without knowing whether it is right or wrong. Let’s examine the lines:

We need energy to live. The body can find this energy by breaking down the food it eats or stores through chemical reactions. The name of these chemical reactions is “oxidation”. You can think of it as burning oxidation because both happen with oxygen. In the end, the body returns to the place of fire. The temperature of the body is 36.5- When we think that it is necessary to keep it at 37 degrees, we can think that energy is always needed and that fire will always exist. That is, our body is under a permanent oxidative stress. Also, when the need for energy increases, the amount of chemical reaction will increase in parallel.

-Bacterial, viral all kinds of microbial infections

– Non-microbial inflammation conditions (such as swelling in the joints)

-Medicine use

-Environmental Pollution, Radiation, Air Pollution, Poor Quality Water

-Heavy metals


-Chemical fertilizers

-Fried Foods


Energy is obtained from the substances destroyed by oxidation, but free radicals are also formed. Oxygen is divided into two separate atoms without paired electrons in the body. Electrons want to be in pairs, so these atoms, also called free radicals, rummage through the body to find atoms with which they can pair their electrons. This in turn damages cells, proteins and DNA.


Once free radicals are formed, a chain reaction can begin. The first free radical grabs an electron from a molecule, thus disrupting the molecule’s structure and turning it into a free radical. This molecule, by grabbing an electron from another molecule, disrupts its structure and turns that molecule into a free radical. This domino effect can damage the cell by disrupting the structure of the whole cell.

The chain reaction caused by free radicals can lead to disruption of cell membranes, which can affect the mechanism that controls what substance can enter and leave the cell. The chain reaction may cause the structure of the lipids to change, which may accumulate in the veins and cause vascular occlusion. Damaged molecules can cause mutation and tumor growth. Gradual damage can change DNA codes. Thus, THE DOORS OF CHRONIC DISEASES and CANCER OPEN. Atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and many other diseases are associated with free radicals. It is also linked to aging, defined as the gradual accumulation of free radical damage.

So if it’s so harmful, why does our body produce free radicals?

Free radicals are essential for life. The body’s ability to convert air and food into chemical energy depends on chain reactions of free radicals. Free radicals are also an important part of the immune system, traveling through blood vessels and attacking foreign invaders.

Let there be free radicals, but they should not harm us!

Here, Antioxidants come into play. What needs to be done is to prevent free radicals from stealing the missing electron from our cells.

I mentioned the decrease in the content of foodstuffs in my previous article. In recent years, we can better understand the increase in chronic diseases and the reason why cancer appears more frequently. Because we can’t get enough antioxidants and we have to take it as a supplement from outside. Although information is given about this food and such antioxidants, unfortunately this is not valid for today.

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