Why Do We Get Sick?

Before we understand how we get sick, let’s take a look at the definition of health.

According to George Vithoulkas, professor of homeopathic medicine, health is “a state of well-being without physical, mental and emotional pain. A pain-free physical body and well-being; a peaceful, calm emotional state, free from pain; A mind free from selfishness and oneness with reality… A completely healthy individual is one who has been able to internalize divine love and wisdom. If an individual can create, if he can create freely, he is healthy. The natural effort of a healthy individual will be to create. The person will be looking after the interests of himself and others. The more destructive their behavior is to themselves and others, the more unhealthy they are. The closer the patient can get to this recipe, the healthier he or she will be. ”

According to Homeopath and Psychiatrist Vangelis A. Zafeririou, a healthy person is one who can establish harmonious relationships with himself, other people and his environment.

Dr. According to Edward Bach, the cause of illness is the disharmony between the soul and the mind. We all have a spiritual reason for being. We all have a life purpose to which we are assigned. We actually feel it inside. However, under the pressure of our environment, we make other choices. According to Bach, if we do what is imposed, not what is in our nature, we get sick. The secret of our healing lies in choosing a life that suits our nature, that is, our creation.

According to the definition of the World Health Organization, health; It is a state of physical, mental and social well-being beyond the absence of weakness or disease. Mental health, on the other hand, is defined as a state of well-being in which each individual is aware of his or her own potential, can cope with the difficulties of life, can work efficiently and productively, and contribute to the society in which they live.

So what is the disease?

Osho; “Illness is a state of separation from the natural. If we feel bad, it means that we caused it by doing something unnatural. It is natural to feel happy and be healthy. This is our nature,” he explains.

We use the concepts of illness and health only as concepts that show the state of the human body. But the body cannot accomplish anything without consciousness. Our body is simply the place where some information sent by our consciousness manifests itself. A dead person cannot do anything by himself while the body is standing there. A living body performs all its vital functions with two immaterial concepts called consciousness (spirit) and life (soul). The knowledge that exists in our consciousness becomes visible in our body. In other words, everything that happens in a living thing’s body is the form of the information that forms the source of this event, formed in the body. In each of the hormonal stimulation, enzymatic system, and production-destruction stages that are responsible for the functioning of our body, the information originating from consciousness actually turns into a function. That is, energy turns into matter. If different bodily functions work together in harmony, we call it “health”. When a problem occurs in one of the functions, order and harmony are disrupted. We define this condition as “disease”.

Disease is the disruption of harmony in the body, that is, an order that was in balance until then. This loss of harmony first appears in our consciousness in the dimension of knowledge. Then it manifests itself in the body. The body is the realization area of ​​knowledge in consciousness. It would therefore be misleading to say that only the body is sick. The disease begins only in the consciousness and its symptoms are observed in the body. Just as our body cannot live without consciousness, it cannot be sick without consciousness. The same is true for mental illnesses. The mind alone does not get sick either. The concept of mental illness is the symptoms of illness that occur in our consciousness but express themselves in the mind.

When a symptom of disease appears in the body, it draws our attention to itself. Each symptom is a signal that attracts attention, interest, and energy. If we ignore this signal, it will always try to show itself. It will do this by repetitively or by becoming more visible than before. By trying to destroy the signal, we prevent our consciousness from expressing itself. We need to keep the symptoms flowing rather than blocking them. For this, we must learn to look much deeper into the symptoms and learn to understand what they indicate.

It is much more accurate to question the fact of being sick rather than focusing on the symptoms of the disease. It is necessary to go deeper, to the roots of the phenomenon of being sick. It would be a much more correct approach to see the symptoms of the disease as a signal or information carrier on the journey to the roots. In this way, we should consider the symptoms of the disease as signals that allow us to see and understand the real disease rather than an approach to eliminate it as soon as possible. Because the symptoms of illness have only one purpose: to heal us!!! It is very important to understand what the symptoms indicate. Otherwise, they turn into teachers who can be extremely strict, telling us that we do not obey the divine laws that serve our development, change and transformation. Healing arises not from the symptom that we ignore, ignore, or suppress, but from the change of consciousness from the disease we have transformed. Healing actually means a transformation. It is the transformation of a person into a good, complete and integrated state. Healing takes place thanks to the discovery of the missing and increased consciousness. So, it is necessary to think of the symptoms of illness as a path to healing and to evaluate them in our lives as signals that guide us to complete our deficiencies. ‘What is missing in my life right now?’ ‘What do I need to change?’

For ideal health, we need to develop correct behavior in physical issues such as diet and lifestyle changes, both emotionally and mentally, and spiritually. We should not forget that what reflects on us from our body is only the level of consciousness we live in at that moment.

We wish you healthy days.

With love…

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