Why do we get herpes on our lips?

Herpes disease, which is especially seen in people with a weak immune system, can easily be transmitted to people who are not immune.

Herpes, small blisters with blisters (blisters) starts as. Although rarely in the mouth, they usually occur outside the mouth. While herpes can occur in all areas except the inside of the mouth, aphthae usually involve immobile areas such as the roof of the palate in the mouth. It is contagious. It is produced by viruses.

Pale, ‘herpes’ known by name. Herpes is a viral disease of the skin. Viruses are very small living microorganisms. The herpes virus is actually a DNA is the virus. The cause is the herpes virus hominus, that is, the human virus, Dermatologist Dr. Nihat Ozkan, the disease; He said that it can adhere to the skin, mucous membranes, eyes and very rarely the central nervous system and cause a disease picture involving many organs. Özkan, herpes has two antigen types; Type 1 and type 2. Generally, infections from the waist up cause type 1, while infections from the waist down cause type 2, he said.


‘Herpes Siplex Virus’ It often occurs with the effect of triggering factors such as trauma, stress, fatigue, sun rays, febrile diseases, vitamin deficiency and malnutrition. Nihat Özkan is also frequently seen in infants who have less breast milk. “It is most common in children,” he said.


HSV patients with infection; They complain of burning, itching, pain, edema, weakness and mild fever. Lesions appear after 1-2 days. Type 1 usually infects the skin most commonly in the face area, lips and mouth.

Nihat Özkan, who said that sometimes crusting of the skin can be seen, noted the following about the treatment of the virus:
“In his treatment; In mild herpes, the external use of tropical antiviral creams 5 times a day suppresses the disease. In severely widespread patients, it is beneficial to start treatment with oral-antiviral for 7 days. In addition, many local methods are used in the treatment.


Stating that herpes can infect those with weak immune systems, Dr. Nihat Özkan, when the immune system is weak, the incidence of herpes increases. For this reason, this situation is common in people with weakened immune systems and dieters, he said.

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