Why do we blush?

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The sentence “What if I say something wrong or incomplete and my face turns red again” can cause problems in the education, work, social and life of the person, and this anxiety can cause the person to not be able to use his or her potential. The main reason for this anxiety is not what other people think about the person, but actually the whole of one’s own negative feelings and thoughts. The danger is actually not far away, but the feeling inside the person.

When we are stressed, guilty, worried, excited or embarrassed, the adrenaline hormone secreted in the body causes an increase in body temperature and by stimulating the sympathetic nervous system, it expands the blood vessels near the surface of the skin and sends blood to the face area. Physically in people with social anxiety disorder; while it manifests itself in the form of facial flushing, sweating, acceleration in heartbeat, in the dimension of thought; It manifests itself with negative thoughts such as “I am disgraced”, “Everyone will make fun of me”, “I will be humiliated if I say something wrong”. It appears in the form of avoiding activities that will manifest itself in society.

When the teacher asks a question, the child cannot raise his hand with the anxiety of “What if I give the wrong answer” to the question he knows, the adolescent cannot socialize with the anxiety of “What if I say the wrong thing in the friend circle”, “What if I make a poor presentation and they think that I am inadequate”, “What if they don’t like what I have told you” With the anxiety of “what if I say something wrong and disgrace to everyone”, adults may experience difficulties in business life and cannot use their potential in a positive way. In order to avoid this situation, he isolates himself from the things he wants to do, and when he has to do it, he is tense and will make mistakes at any moment, people will evaluate him, he will be negatively thought about and his face will blush, and as a result, he experiences the anxiety that he will be humiliated, judged and disgraced in public. Even if this hypothesis does not come true, the person believes that this situation will be certain.

In the formation of facial flushing; For example, when a child who speaks up during school years makes a mistake and says something wrong and is mocked in the classroom, the person may perceive the event as a traumatic experience and isolate himself from the external environment in order not to repeat the same event, or when he has to make a presentation even in adult life, the past experiences come alive, blushing and anxiety occur. And also; The attitude of the family in childhood also has an important place. Shy parents, punitive parental attitudes, the parent’s pressure on the child with the fear that something will happen to their child due to their own fear of separation, overprotective or rejecting family attitudes, strict parental model or parents who seek perfection tell the child, “You shouldn’t make any mistakes. ”, “If you make a mistake, you will be punished”, the child is afraid of making mistakes and in order not to make a mistake, the child experiences the anxiety of “Will I make a mistake?”, “Will I be punished if I do something wrong?” and this situation in adult life is “If I say something wrong, I will be disgraced”. “It can cause anxiety. There are perfectionist feelings at the bottom and the anxiety of “Everything should be perfect” makes the person afraid of making mistakes. Making mistakes or being incomplete in the work done is equivalent to not being perfect, and for these people, a work done incomplete or incorrectly does not receive approval from the other party and is matched as unappreciated.

How Can I Cope With Redness?

When you experience an event that causes you to blush, be aware of your current feelings and find the root of those feelings and confront them.

Your perception of blushing, for example, “Did I blush?” during a presentation. thought is one of the factors that brought about this situation.

Recognize your negative thoughts. Try to stay away from thoughts such as “I will be disgraced if I make a mistake”, “I will be humiliated if I say something wrong”, “If I say something wrong, it will make me worthless in the eyes of others”.

Do relaxation exercises before entering an environment that you know will cause anxiety.

Recognize your own strengths and weaknesses. Just accept that you are not weak. Focus on successful areas in your life.

Stop reading people’s minds. The mind you are trying to read constitutes your thoughts about yourself, not the person in front of you.

Do not hesitate to seek psychological support if this situation negatively affects your daily functioning, social relations, work and education life.

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