Why do “shock diets” fail in the long run?

A healthy diet and life may sound impossible sometimes, but one of the most important things in order to reduce the risk of healthy aging and getting sick is weight control. Just don’t do weight control with such “shock diets”.

“Lose 5 kilos in 1 week!” Sounds very promising, right? It becomes interesting when we consider that one out of every 3 people in our country has obesity and the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and some types of cancer increases. In fact, sticking to a diet is meaningless in the long run because at some point the diet ends and old habits go back. In fact, the key is to eat and drink less.

In fact, the simplest and most accurate “diet” is when certain rules such as high-fiber products and a more plant-based diet, less fizzy/sugar and alcoholic beverage consumption, and less red meat consumption are observed and the body mass index (BMI) is kept below 25. “It is done.

The problem is usually “overeating”, but this is not unexpected. Now we have access to food at every gas station, metro station and more. Here it is necessary to reduce the urge to choose unhealthy food. These unhealthy options (such as burgers and sodas/sweetened beverages) are not satiating and contain huge amounts of calories.

It starts with awareness: what contains too many calories and what are unhealthy foods? You don’t need to read a book about a diet, many popular diets such as the ketogenic diet, gluten-free diet, intermittent fasting have no scientific evidence on a subject. For example, there is a study showing that intermittent fasting (IF) only reduces the risk of cancer in mice. with human studies no evidence has been presented.


If you nurture yourself with good/healthy foods, then your need for unhealthy foods disappears. Here POSA is one of the most important points. You can find the pulp abundantly in whole grain breads and pastas, whole wheat rice, legumes, fruits and vegetables. If you apply 1 teaspoon of unsweetened peanut butter to whole wheat bread, you will realize that you are easily full and do not look for anything else to eat in a short time, but I am sure that you will not experience the same feeling if you apply 1 teaspoon of nutella on white bread.


Changing your habits gradually will perhaps lead to slower weight loss than you expect, but most diseases can be prevented by establishing healthy eating and lifestyle habits. The best habits you can gain:

– Chewing heavily SLOWmeal (takes 15-20 minutes),

-Consuming 20-30ml of water per body weight,

-Consuming at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables (must include rocket, cress, sorrel, parsley, dill in routine diet)

– Trying to do at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day.

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