Why Do I Gain Back the Weight I Lost?

Most people with binge eating habits think they have a ‘will problem’. But this is not true! If you can’t control your appetite, it doesn’t mean you have a willpower problem. The problem is that we don’t actually eat when we eat. We forget what we eat, its taste, and how to enjoy it. The brain defines this forgetfulness as “hunger”, which forces us to eat more. Gaining weight and not losing weight…

1) Approximately 98% of those who lose weight with weight loss programs regain the weight they lost within 1-2 years. When we look at the 2% of people who keep their weight off, we see that they have only one thing in common. A strong point in their life story has changed. It could be a new career, ending a troubled relationship and embracing the new and positive, moving to a new city, or changing their beliefs about who they are and how life is lived.

2) At any given meal, 40-60% of our metabolic power (the body’s ability to digest and burn calories) is related to the “cephalic phase” of digestion. The cephalic phase begins with smelling, thinking and seeing food. If we don’t pay attention to what we eat while eating, we can metabolize food by 40-60% – a stunning statistic! Eating slowly is an important factor. Consider this if you don’t want to regain the weight you lost.

3) When we eat is just as important as what we eat. This is called “Bio-Circardian Nutrition”. To simplify, the most efficient period of calorie burning in humans is between 12:00 and 13:30. That’s why in many traditional cultures the most important meal is lunch.

In short, if your diet is a small breakfast, a skipped lunch, and a heavy dinner, you are creating the conditions for weight gain. Adjust your daily diet to avoid regaining the weight you lost. In this article, we briefly talked about weight loss tips, reasons for regaining the weight you lost. To maintain your weight and not regain the weight you lost, follow your nutritionist’s instructions and pay attention to your diet.

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