Why Couldn’t I Stop Progress in Myopia?

I put this text at the beginning of the book Stopping Progress in Myopia. Pay attention to this issue on the day you buy the glasses. Don’t forget Nasreddin Hodja, he beats his daughter who goes to the water first so that she doesn’t break the jar…

Myopia has gone crazy, do you understand that enough? Did you take it seriously? Otherwise, “The doctor gave me a diagram, if I follow him, it’s okay.” Have you been in your thoughts?

Do not jump headlong into treatment: First you have to understand the subject. You should know what you are doing for what and the tricks. Study well for your lesson, then start practicing. Do not jump headlong into treatment. Read the book several times. Do what’s easy for you in the same exercise group, because you get the same benefit.

Success is in the details:Not paying attention to details negatively affects the result.

Don’t be trapped in the scheme: Don’t limit it to just the exercise chart written for you! There is so much written in the book that it is not possible to apply them in a scheme. If we put all of these into a scheme, we will upset the child’s daily life. You must grasp the basic philosophy.

Not understanding philosophy: The basic philosophy is to remove the pressure on the eye, to relax the eye. We will not stretch the eye, we will relax it.

We’re exercising, thinking homework is over: Stopping myopia is a lifestyle practice. This is not enough, it is a matter of not stretching the eye and relaxing it.

To gain habit: You should practice the event not as an exercise, but as a habit. Myopia has a period of progression. During this period, you should make the lifestyle that prevents the progression of myopia a habit.

Child-related causes:

leave the job to the child

It doesn’t fit your lifestyle well enough. The child is escaping and adapts to the lifestyle only with you.

The child is stressed. School stress, exam stress, home stress, class stress, parent stress…

He works too close, then doesn’t relax the eye.

The child can deceive you. (Not doing, seeming to do)

It’s not doing enough.

He doesn’t care.

He’s fed up, he doesn’t do the exercise justice.

She refuses to have children.


My family says there is no stress in my child. School is the most important source of stress. Exam stress is very important. The oppressive mother, the oppressive teacher raises the stress. You have to relax, you have to take the stress. You should remove the eyelid pressure..

Family related reasons:

This is an application that should be done under family control.

The family may not have enough time.

This is a practice that requires discipline.

Exercises should be done with understanding of the logic.

The parents leave the running of the business to each other. Usually the burden is on the mother. Dad: “Is he doing it to mommy?” he asks.


In the Far East, irons are placed on the table to prevent reading and writing closer than 50 cm. Loosening this harmony is the measure taken to prevent it from getting stronger.

Too much harmony advances myopia. Extremely close working strengthens cohesion. Loosen the fit by looking 5 meters ahead every 20 minutes during extreme close work. Or close your eyes for a minute with the palm of your hand. In this moment, keep your eyes closed.

Technical reasons:

pressure on the eye : Note that the pressure of the eyelids increases the anterior posterior diameter of the eye and increases myopia. Have you done eyelid massages 4-5 times a day for 1-2 minutes?

Muscle exercises: The biggest source of error is here. You should go to the end of the muscle’s range of motion and pause for a while. It’s not about making the eye look left and right. The oblique muscle exercise that loosens the alignment is important.

Rapport:Pay attention to loosening the harmony, relaxing the eye.

Nutrition and tears:The eye’s application of nutrition and tear regulation may be insufficient.

Exercise: Doing little or overdoing it. Disrupting the balance between exercises…

DID YOU PROTECT THE CORNEA? It is important to protect your tears. Corneal steepening and thinning of the cornea advance myopia. For this reason, you should protect the health of the cornea by giving importance to tear exercise, using artificial tears, removing muscle and eyelid pressure on the eye.

DON’T BE DECEIVED YOURSELF! If you don’t take control of your lifestyle, you will be wasted. Limit your mobile phone, tablet, computer. The child, who went from number 7.00 to number 8.00 6 months ago, had a 9.00 eye. While they were waiting to look at the eye, they were dealing with mobile phones and tablets as a family.

Don’t just connect it to your cell phone. Both siblings do the same amount of time with their cell phones, but not one of them is nearsighted.

YOU DID NOT ASSESS THE WINTER MONTHS WELL. Myopia increases in winter. Insufficient light and narrow rooms advance myopia.

Summary of workremove the pressure on the eye, relax the eye and surrounding tissues, protect the health of the eye tissues.

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