Why Can’t We Say NO?

If you can easily say no to people, we can say that your self-esteem is high, but if you can’t say no when you don’t want to, your self-esteem is low.

If you can’t say no to people, there are many reasons behind it;

•You can’t say no if you have low self-esteem •You can’t say no to get approval from people, first liberate that approval just like Burak releases a bird from its cage…

You can’t say no to be appreciated by people

You can’t say no to get love from people

You can’t say no because you’re afraid of being alone

You can’t say no because you care more about the opinions of others than your own

* If you can’t say no, you’ve had a negative relationship at some point in your life and you can’t say no because of the need to be loved.

So you will ask me now, how can I say no, how can I improve my self-esteem?

The first step is to give up your expectation of approval from people, when you don’t need someone else’s approval, you find yourself free and your self-esteem increases

•You don’t have to be appreciated by people, give up on it, don’t forget, dear reader, there is only one of you in this life, my stance against life is all your dreams, being self-sufficient starts with achieving it, don’t let others evaluate your value and never do this, don’t look for the value you drink in others, it’s all yours. It’s a long and endless journey that destroys your self-esteem and makes you sick

•You don’t have to be liked by people, give up on that either.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself, every person has pros and cons, the important thing is to be aware of the people who love you with your pros and cons and take them into your life.

If you can say no, you have strong self-esteem and that protects you.

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