Why Can’t We Break From Our Past?

Is the past gone? From the beginning of existence, the human structure consists of a complex (complex) structure. What we call life is the cycle of events. Events constitute the dynamics of this cycle, and emotions form the basis of events. We find ourselves in the cycle of events, which includes all the emotions on earth, good or bad, happy or unhappy, that carry us to the present. We live our feelings, we live our events. In essence, we can leave things behind. What about our feelings?

In fact, the situation called living in the past is not the continuation of events. In our past, we may encounter situations that shake us, upset us, affect our lives completely, and contain all negative emotions. And after this encounter, we think that we will never be the same again. But there is an overlooked fact! Physical conditions and events can always change and be left behind, because we have no power to stop time, we cannot stay in that moment, the event passes, but the real destruction it creates in us is our perspective and emotions. The person living in the past cannot overcome the feeling that has taken place in him, he succumbs to it and therefore remains attached to the past. All these situations are a series of emotions that we have difficulty in accepting, that we cannot change, that we cannot define, and cause chaos for us to be stuck in the past. We actually do not recognize and do not know these feelings that we suppress inside, because we do not know, we reflect the expression of the emotion, not the essence. At that point, we accept our behavior and what accompanies it, not our feelings. We call this secondary emotion. Secondary emotions unwittingly become our masks, turning away from the essence of the problem and the real mere emotion. But the solution to making peace with the past and establishing a healthy bond with the past is to meet our primary emotions. Isn’t it time to meet, accept and be aware of your primary pure emotions? If you say yes, we would like to accompany you in this therapy process. In this way, you will get rid of the negativity caused by everything that you cannot leave behind.

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