Why Are Some People More Aggressive?

Violence is a situation that we encounter in every aspect of our lives. It is known that 1.4 million people die every year due to violence. So why do some people use more violence and why are they more aggressive? We can find the answer to this question in factors such as the person’s temperament, the family and social structure he grew up in, hormones.

Biologically, men exhibit more aggressive behavior with the effect of some hormones. If violence is used as a solution in the family where the individual was born, the child can learn this solution and resort to violence in his life. Studies have shown that men whose mothers have been exposed to violence in the family use more violence. It has also been determined that men who are exposed to violence inflict more violence on their spouses. In other words, violence is a learned behavior in the family. the child, on the other hand, accepts the violence of his wife as normal and applies it to his life. Reinforcing violent behavior while raising boys also causes men to practice violence normally in their lives. There are many proverbs that normalize violence in our society, and didn’t we grow up with these proverbs? Unfortunately, many proverbs that both humiliate women and normalize violence, such as those who do not beat their daughter, beat the knee of the woman, do not miss the stick from the back of the woman, do not beat her daughter, or run to the drummer or the zurna player, unfortunately, normalize the exposure of many women to violence. Violence is a part of our culture as a behavior passed down from generation to generation. The social cost is also quite high as the tendency of aggressive behaviors towards women and children in the family causes the physical and mental health of the victim of violence to deteriorate, which affects the physical and mental health of the women, and the inability to adequately access health, education and job opportunities, and the deterioration of the physical and mental health of the children. is happening.

Instead of choosing violence as a solution, finding healthy ways of communication and more acceptable ways of expressing anger is a way to be preferred for the happiness of the family. Therefore, I think that individuals who cannot control their anger should definitely get help.

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