Why are my gums bleeding?

Today, the increase in the awareness of individuals about health causes us to hear this question frequently as dentists. First of all, it should be known that healthy gum brushing, eating..etc. It certainly does not bleed during situations. In appearance, it is light pink in color and has a tight consistency. However, when an infection begins in the tissue, bleeding occurs in the gums and is considered the earliest sign of gingivitis. In cases where oral care is insufficient, the plaque layer that accumulates on the tooth surfaces also infects the gingiva adjacent to the tooth, and the gingiva begins to redden and swell. this disease ‘gingivitis’ is called. Because of the swelling, the veins in the gingiva become more sensitive and thinner, and bleeding occurs more easily. Most of the time, this condition regresses with good oral care (brushing, flossing). However, in cases where plaque and tartar accumulation increases, swelling in the gums also increases and the gums may begin to bleed spontaneously. In this case, the teeth should be cleaned by going to the dentist and appropriate training on oral care should be taken. After this treatment, it is seen that the bleeding disappears in about 1 week.

Hormonal changes can also cause gum disease. in adolescence A common gingivitis picture can be seen due to the increase in hormone levels and often inadequate oral care. Similarly in pregnancy Especially in the 2nd and 3rd trimesters (4-9 months), along with the rapid increase in hormone levels, gingival redness, bleeding and even gingival enlargement (pregnancy epulis) can be seen. The healthier the gums are before pregnancy, the less likely it is to have a problem with the gums during pregnancy. Gingivitis that occurs during pregnancy can be safely treated with a dental scaling since local anesthesia will not be required.

Gingival bleeding is a disease that can be easily treated, but if not intervened, it can cause a series of problems ranging from gingivitis to tooth loss. For this reason, you should care about the bleeding you see on your brush.

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