Why Are Milk Teeth Important?

First of all, milk teeth are very important for a child to complete their development and have a healthy mouth in the future. Due to their structure, milk teeth are more prone to caries than permanent teeth. For these reasons, the incidence of caries in children is higher than adults. The teeth do not have their primary teeth treated with the thought of the future. Untreated dental caries cause severe pain in children in advanced stages and are withdrawn prematurely.

While performing the chewing function, milk teeth also help the development of the jaw. Also, in order for speech to develop properly, the milk teeth must not be pulled out before time. Early lost milk teeth adversely affect the placement of the permanent tooth that will replace it. The negative effect is the delayed eruption of the permanent teeth. In short, leaving the milk teeth untreated or pulling them out before time causes the permanent teeth to erupt early or late, so that the permanent teeth are left untreated. deviousnessoccurs.This permanent confusionHowever, it can be corrected with orthodontic treatment. Orthodontic treatment is popularly known as ‘wearing braces’.


Some children have decayed milk teeth that can stay in the mouth for a long time without causing pain. kidney, heartadversely affect vital organs such as growth and developmentslows down.

Decays in milk teeth must be cleaned and filled by a physician. In fact, root canal treatment may be required in the treatment of advanced caries. Appropriate treatments should be performed to prevent problems that may arise from prematurely extracted or lately fallen milk teeth.

The most correct approach is to bring the child to the doctor before the formation of caries in the primary teeth. Even if no operation is performed, sitting in the patient’s chair allows the child to get used to the doctor. This situation positively affects the psychology of the child in later ages and ensures that he is not afraid of the dentist. I wish you a healthy day.

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