Why am I hungry?

If you say that you always eat something but still feel pain, let’s look for the solution together.

If you have an urge to eat until you explode, your brain may play a trick on you.

Do you know that your brain is constantly sending commands to eat like this?

Feeling hungry all the time is not healthy. There may also be underlying psychological causes. well this

What are the reasons for the stock?

1-Making low-calorie diets: Diets made with an energy well below your metabolic rate

It will be both short-term and not beneficial in the long run. Normal diet after a while

When you switch to your routine, you have regained most of the weight you lost. Also constantly

The feeling of pain never goes away. Because your body needs vitamins, minerals, protein and

Needs healthy fats.

2-Some Drugs: Some drugs can increase your appetite. Oral corticosteroids can make you feel hungry all the time.

causes. In addition, antidepressant drugs can also cause an increase in appetite.

3-Diseases: feeling hungry all the time, undiagnosed or poorly controlled diabetes, bipolar

disease, low blood sugar, Graves’ disease, tapeworm can be seen in the case of diseases.

4-Depression: There is an excessive desire, especially for sweets. Therefore, the desire to eat may increase. This

associated weight gain.

5-Thirst: The brain may sometimes confuse thirst with hunger. So 2 per day

You should not fall under a liter of water.

6- Acidic drinks: There are substances in acidic drinks that will make you feel like eating. Also from the body

causes water to drain away.

7-Lack of sleep: Not getting enough sleep causes hunger crises. As the hunger hormone in the body

known ghrelin starts to hover at high levels and hunger continues throughout the day.

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