Why am I always hungry before reflux?

Why Am I Always Hungry Before Reflux?

Half of the woman’s life is spent with the menstruation process, and physical, behavioral and psychological changes are seen in this process. Some of these are changes in nutritional habits and appetite according to the phases of the menstrual cycle.

One of the changes seen is a decrease in metabolic rate during menstruation. However, losses of zinc, copper and magnesium have been observed during menstruation, with the greatest loss in the iron mineral.
While the estrogen hormone plays a role in suppressing food intake and preventing body weight gain, it increases the desire to consume sweets in the luteal phase, where it increases with progesterone.

Estrogen causes water and salt retention, and progesterone causes sodium excretion. For this reason, it was determined that weight gain occurred due to water retention.

There is an increase in the desire and consumption of chocolate in the premenstrual period of women. However, it was determined that chocolate consumption decreased in the postmenopausal period. The formation of the desire to consume chocolate is attributed to two main biochemical mechanisms. The first of these mechanisms is the increase in the desire to eat due to the physiological changes that occur in the perimenstrual period and the need for magnesium and serotonin in chocolate. The second mechanism is indirectly through some neurotransmitters, especially in the perimenstrual period, which provides the desired feeling of happiness.

So what are the recommendations?
In order to reduce the severity of menstruation symptoms in women, water consumption should be increased, salt consumption should be decreased, calcium, magnesium, B group vitamins, vitamin E, zinc and iron should be increased.

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