Whose Space Is This?

I wanted to remind you of the concepts of psychology, psychologist and psychotherapy, while the day of psychologists is ready. Lately, I see that there are a lot of abusers trying to pollute this precious space. Psychology, in its rough form, is the science that studies the human mind and behavior. The title of “psychologist” is given to people who have received education in this field – if I say education, I am not talking about a few certificates received in this field, I am talking about my colleagues who have completed a 4-year undergraduate education. Afterwards, we do a master’s degree and specialize in whichever of the many sub-fields of psychology we are interested in. Along with these, we receive various trainings related to our field, participate in supervisions, follow current scientific publications, read literature and even start our own therapy process. Because psychology is such a special field. Trying to understand and explain a complex structure such as human psychology requires a broad perspective and continuous development. But unfortunately, as far as I can see, people always look for miracles elsewhere. It is a fashion like subconscious cleansing, quantum, salt water, energy renewal, etc. Obviously, it sounds cool when “subconscious” or “quantum” is written before something, but unfortunately, these and such unreal things have nothing to do with science – especially psychotherapy. There are also those who mix verses into it, not to mention them… Now, maybe there are those who do not believe me, those who try such methods and think that they are beneficial, my advice to them would be to read the literature on the subject. We are all shaped by some genetic predispositions, such as depression/anxiety susceptibility, traumatic stories, negative life events, from our birth until today, and sometimes it is necessary to replace the negative emotions/thoughts/behaviors that are the reflections of these with functional ones. What we need at this point can be none other than psychotherapy. Speaking of psychotherapy, let’s talk a little bit about this subject: The application of clinical methods based on the principles of psychology or the use of interpersonal relationships in order to change one’s feelings, thoughts, behavior and personality traits in line with their own expectations (Prochaska & Norcross, 2007). In other words, as we understand from the definition, psychotherapy is a tool used by people who want to help themselves rather than people who cannot solve their own problems or who are thought to be “crazy”, and we therapists are experts who perform this.

I hope now we are clearer about both we psychologists and our profession and the abusers who try to sabotage our field with these hollow terms.

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