Who should we do the sweat test for? Situations where sweat test should be done in the first 2 years

-High IRT value in the newborn screening test

– Stopping weight gain in the baby (Growth retardation)

-Making large amounts of greasy, foul-smelling stools

-frequently recurrent respiratory tract infection (Bronchiolitis / Bronchitis)

– Meconium ileus (obstruction as a result of the progress of the newborn stool in the intestine in the first days of the newborn baby) I have findings of not being able to defecate in the first 24-48 hours

-Meconium peritonitis findings (perforation of the bowel clogged with feces and the development of an inflammatory condition in the fold)

-Edema, protein deficiency, anemia (anemia), Kwashiorkor dermatitis findings

– pneumonia, empyema (infection of the pleura) signs

– If your baby tastes salty when kissed

– having signs of heat stroke in the summer !!!!ATTENTION )

– Prolonged jaundice in the newborn period, stool color being light-colored (acholic stool) like glazier’s paste

– Low sodium, potassium, chlorine values, abnormal blood gas values ​​(metabolic alkalosis) clinical and laboratory findings

-Rectal Prolspsus (large intestine donor part protruding from the anus)

– Having symptoms of ongoing bleeding disorder with vitamin K deficiency

– Consanguinity between parents

– have a sibling death history

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