Who should do the circumcision?

When I heard a physician friend of mine say, “No one can predict what shape the penis will take after circumcision,” I understood that circumcision should be done by those who are seriously interested in this issue.

Circumcision, which is seen as a “10-minute procedure” both among the public and unfortunately among physicians, is actually an operation and must be done very carefully. In our country, those who are not doctors, let alone surgeons, perform circumcision. Therefore, many complications arise that can actually be avoided.

Another cosmetically important issue is the “hidden penis” disorder. This disorder is one of the most neglected and underappreciated issues. A child brought to be circumcised should definitely be evaluated in this respect.

Taking care of circumcision, which is “the most applied surgical procedure in history”, at least “as much as the wedding ceremony” is extremely important in terms of public health, and the main follower of this issue should be parents.

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